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Cultivation methods of hongdiyu: seasonal changes need different conservation methods

If you want to ask which of the succulent plants is the most difficult to raise, it must be hongdiyu. It is generally acknowledged that the Red Emperor jade is difficult to raise, especially in the south! So what is the breeding method of hongdiyu? Let's see the breeding experience of senior flower friends!

Cultivation method of hongdiyu cultivation method of hongdiyu: hongdiyu is dormant in summer and grows in other seasons. The peeling period of hongdiyu is relatively long and can spread to the whole growing season. During the peeling period, more sunlight and less water are needed. At the same time, attention should be paid not to sunburn. The peeling of hongdiyu is that the old skin outside slowly dries up and nutrients are provided to new plants, leaves and old leaves They can grow at the same time.

Breeding methods of hongdiyu

The planting material of Hongdi jade is mainly permeable and breathable. Hongdi jade is not resistant to sunlight. It must be shaded in summer. During the peeling period of Hongdi jade, a small amount of water can be supplied. This variety is usually dry and water free. During the whole summer, the sun is shaded and placed in the bright and ventilated scattered light. In summer, there will be little or no water. If there is too much water, it will rot. hongdiyu is not easy to take care of in summer. If there is too much water, it will rot. If you don't supply water all summer, you will easily die if you are not careful.

In autumn, when the temperature comes down, water supply can be restored step by step. You need water to make the plant plump.

In winter, it is necessary to avoid frostbite due to too low temperature, and there is no problem with 0.3 degree when the basin soil is dry. There is a big difference between the north and the south. Huayou should breed according to their own environment. Hongdi jade can be sown for reproduction. Huayou should pay attention to the thin skin of Hongdi jade, which has a lot of water and is not sun resistant. Huayou should pay attention not to sunburn.

Breeding methods of Hongyu Emperor