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How to increase humidity for Clivia maintenance: spraying, sprinkling or putting two pots of water b

Clivia is the most familiar flower for flower friends, but it doesn't mean that everyone knows how to cultivate Clivia. There will be many problems in the process of cultivation, so some still ask how to moisturize Clivia. In fact, there is no need for Huayou to worry too much about humidity. Although Clivia is suitable for maintenance in semi overcast and humid environment, it is not so harsh. It is better to pay attention not to be directly exposed to strong sunlight.

Although I advocate to worry too much about humidity, after all, Huayou are running for how to keep moisture, so we should talk about Clivia how to keep moisture at Huayou's request.


How to increase the humidity of Clivia maintenance, the first thing to correct is that the question of how to keep moisture of Clivia asked by Huayou is wrong, because what we need is not to keep moisture of Clivia, but to increase the air humidity of Clivia maintenance environment. There are many ways to increase the air humidity, such as spraying water, sprinkling water on the ground, putting two basins of water on the balcony, etc It's OK to use air humidifier.

In addition to the above methods, the author has seen some flower friends soak Clivia in a basin of water (that is, soak Clivia in a basin, the water level should not be too high, lower, and keep it like this all the time, so you don't need to take it out, and the water doesn't need to replenish water), and Clivia is growing well.

All along, we all know Clivia is a fleshy root, so the soil is wrung dry, but some flower friends do the opposite, but it is also feasible, but we need to remind flower friends that this method needs to be cautious. How to maintain Clivia in summer? In summer, Clivia likes cool, humid and semi shady environment. The suitable temperature for growth is 15-25 ℃. If the temperature is higher than 26-28 ℃, it will be dormant or semi dormant. If the temperature is higher, it is easy to get sick and die.

Clivia should be placed indoors or under the shade in summer. Around the environment, to often sprinkle water or put basin, leaf also spray water, in order to increase air humidity and reduce temperature. When spraying water, do not let the water flow into the center to prevent heart rot. It should be noted that although the amount of watering in summer is more than that in other seasons, we should adhere to the principle of no drying, no watering, once watering, then thoroughly watering. Also pay attention not to wait until the basin soil is dry before pouring, when it is half dry, so that the basin soil always keep wet.

In terms of temperature, Clivia is a kind of medium light flowers, like soft light, avoid hot sun exposure. In summer, it must be placed in a ventilated place under the shade to avoid direct sunlight at noon. If it is directly exposed to strong light, it will cause "sunburn" and large areas of brown spots and wither on the leaves. When the temperature rises to above 25 ℃, the growth of Clivia will be inhibited, so fertilization should be stopped. If fertilization continues, the root and stem will rot easily. If the ambient temperature of Clivia can be reduced to below 25 ℃, the diluted liquid fertilizer of 1:20 or more can be applied once every half month in summer. This can promote the growth of Clivia and shorten its dormancy period.

How to maintain Clivia in summer