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What are the functions of guanyinlian: purifying the air, enjoying and so on

Guanyinlian is a kind of Crassulaceae guanyinlian, which is named after its shape is similar to Guanyin's lotus. It is now very popular all over the world, is one of the most common varieties of succulent plants, can be called the king of common goods. What is the function of guanyinlian? Let's read on~

What is the function of guanyinlian: 1. Guanyinlian has little effect on absorbing indoor toxic gases, such as dust collection, sterilization, air purification, filtering turbid air, and increasing indoor humidity. Once again, the succulent guanyinlian only has the effect of micro absorption of toxic gases and micro humidification.

2. The most effective drugs for treating rheumatism, typhoid and rhinitis are Guanyin.

3. It has ornamental value. Crassulaceae guanyinlian belongs to succulent plants, also known as evergreen grass, guanyinzuo lotus, Buddha lotus. Guanyin lotus meat, as its name implies, has rosette like leaves, with a rosette like shape. The leaves are flat and slender, with sharp tip at the front and small villi at the edge. Under sufficient light, the tip and edge of the leaves form a very beautiful brown or purplish red color. It is of great ornamental value.

What is the function of guanyinlian

Expand knowledge - there is another kind of Magnolia of Araceae with wide leaf shape and obvious veins. It is also called guanyinlian of Araceae, which is confused by many beginners.

For general family planting, it is necessary to pay attention to the toxicity of Araceae guanyinlian, rather than the succulent plant of Crassulaceae. When planting Araceae guanyinlian, try to avoid planting it in families with children, and pay attention to the maintenance. It is necessary to prevent children and uninformed people from eating it by mistake or through other channels. Once it is eaten by mistake, it will cause swelling of tongue and throat, vomiting and diarrhea, Severe asphyxia, heart paralysis. In case of poisoning, take egg white, batter immediately, drink a lot of sugar water or intravenous glucose saline

Araceae guanyinlian black leaf taro