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How to maintain potted Chinese toon tree: the maintenance environment needs to ensure sufficient sun

Potted cultivation of Chinese toon tree has been in the aquaculture industry is not a new thing, because Chinese toon is a woody plant, so the general growth is relatively fast, there are many details to pay attention to, the following small series will give you a simple talk about how to maintain potted Chinese toon tree.

How to maintain the potted Chinese toon

1、 Selection of potted soil: try to select a large pot for cultivation. If the conditions permit, it is better to mix the potted soil with decomposed organic manure (such as cow manure, chicken manure or horse manure) to improve the content of soil organic matter and lay a solid foundation for the robust growth of potted Chinese toon. If there is no organic fertilizer, it is better to mix some slow-release fertilizers or after planting Toona sinensis, according to the tree condition A certain amount of slow-release fertilizer was applied.

2、 Daily maintenance: Chinese toon trees like light very much, so the maintenance environment should ensure sufficient sunshine, so that the leaves have rich fragrance, and watering should not be too frequent.

3、 Pruning and shaping: it is very important to control the plant type of potted Chinese toon, and the first step to control the height of Chinese toon is to prune the fixed stem.

The so-called fixed stem, is to cut the main Chinese toon to a certain height, generally to cut the height of 15-20 cm is appropriate. Fixed stem is usually carried out before the germination of Chinese Toon in spring. In order to promote root development, after you buy Chinese toon, you can let it grow freely in a larger basin. Cut 15-20 cm before germination in spring of the next year. After the stem is fixed, 3-8 new branches can be produced in the same year.

How to maintain Chinese Toon in pot [toon pastry] main ingredients: Flour 200g, Chinese toon 100g, auxiliary materials: appropriate amount of salt, pepper and salt practice: 1, first of all, cut the Chinese toon; 2, prepare the Chinese toon, add half a spoon of salt, marinate for about 10 minutes; 3, prepare the flour, pour in the appropriate amount of water, slowly stir evenly, and then knead into dough; 4, pour oil into the pan, and then heat until it is cooked 90% hot. Prepare a small half bowl of flour, slowly pour the hot oil into the flour, stir it evenly and mix it into oil batter; 5. Knead the dough into a small dough, roll it into a dough of the required size, brush it with oil paste, spread the Chinese toon powder on the surface, sprinkle a little salt and pepper, roll it up, knead it into a ball, and roll it into a pancake; 6. Pour oil into the pan, put the rolled dough into the pan, and fry it until one side is slightly yellow Pan fry the other side until crispy. Place on the cutting board and cut into pieces. Serve.

Braised pork with Toon

Main ingredients: 1 box of tender bean curd with 10 Toons

Accessories: 1 tbsp steamed fish and soy sauce, 2 scallions


1. First of all, the streaky pork will be out of the water, and then cool the pot, and then prepare to soak the Chinese toon with warm water. It must not be hot water, otherwise it will soak away the flavor of Chinese toon;

2. Cut the pork into pieces of uniform thickness and put them in a clean container. Put a small amount of soy sauce meat, fresh sesame sauce and chicken essence. The color is moderate. Then mix the pork with gloves and wait;

3. This will control the water of the soaked dried Chinese toon, because the water content of the soaked toon is too much, you should pinch it, and then add seasoning according to your favorite taste. Basically, put old dried mother, a little pepper, a little chicken essence, steamed fish sauce, sesame fresh dew, a small amount of soy sauce, and put some fried cooking oil, and then mix well;

4. In this part, the pork is put in a steaming bowl layer by layer, and then put the appropriate amount of dry Chinese toon mixed with the pork,. In this way, all the bowls are put in place;

5. Put boiling water into the steamer and steam it faster. This will put the meat placed in the steamer, cover the pot, and that's about it;

6. Steam it over medium heat for about 1.5 hours. The meat is steamed disorderly. It can save time when it is hot. The steamed pork with Chinese toon is just like this. If you don't like it, you can try it. The steamed pork is not greasy at all.

Steamed tofu with Toon

Materials: 1 piece of bean curd, proper amount of toon, proper amount of oil, steamed fish and soy sauce, 2 tbsp;


1. Cut the tofu into large pieces in the tofu box;

2. Use a plate to fasten and then turn over, so that the tofu is not easy to be broken;

3. Put the tofu into the steamer, steam for 5 minutes and turn off the heat;

4. Sprinkle chopped Chinese toon sprouts on tofu, sprinkle with steamed fish and soy sauce, sprinkle with green onion;

5. Heat the oil in the frying pan to 80% heat and pour it on the tofu;

Tip: in the process of steaming tofu, tofu will produce some water. Pour out the water in the bean curd dish carefully. Be careful not to break the tofu.

Steamed tofu with Toon