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The reason why Rhododendron don't bloom: too much fertilizer and water or insufficient phosphorus

Rhododendron, also known as YINGSHANHONG, is an evergreen or ordinary green shrub. According to legend, there are cuckoos in ancient times, whining and hemoptysis day and night, dyeing the flowers all over the mountain, hence the name. Recently, many flower friends have told Xiaobian that their rhododendrons have not blossomed for a long time. They can't understand why it's not enough for them to be well fed and watered every day? Do you want to know the reason why rhododendrons don't bloom? Let's look down together!

Rhododendron does not bloom, the reasons for not flowering azaleas: 1, for plants is not good fertilizer, good water can make it to the best state. The first reason why rhododendrons don't bloom is that too much fertilizer and water lead to the Rhododendron only growing leaves and not flowering, which can be understood as the phenomenon of over nutrition, new branches blooming but not flowering.

We can interfere with the excessive vegetative growth by artificial methods, so that reproductive growth can be strengthened and flowering can be promoted. No nitrogen fertilizer was applied before flowering, only phosphorus and potassium fertilizer were applied to regulate the ratio of phosphorus to nitrogen in the body, so as to avoid excessive nutrition growth and promote flower bud differentiation. Cut off the long branches and bore branches, and remove two or three of the branches with four or five new buds, so as to reduce the number of branches and leaves inside the crown, increase the sunlight, promote the assimilation of carbon and water, and enhance the reproductive growth. In the spring of the next year, water should be controlled to make the soil moist and dry. In late autumn, we should postpone the time of overwintering in the room. In the case of no frost or sharp cooling, we should put it outdoors as far as possible to control the growth of new branches in shade, which is beneficial to flowering.

Azalea flower bud

2. The flower bud changes into leaf. When the flower bud of Rhododendron is formed, the flower bud differentiation stage should be carried out first. In this stage, the fertilizer based on phosphorus must be added. Otherwise, when the flower bud grows, it looks like a flower bud, but it is actually a leaf bud. Because the flower bud is enclosed in the leaf bud, when the phosphate fertilizer is insufficient, the flower bud in the leaf bud cannot be formed. Therefore, when the next year leaves are put out, no flower bud can be seen, which leads to the misunderstanding that the flower bud becomes a leaf.