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Succulent plant Laguna: and all kinds of moon shadow into a category, called "wrinkled leaf moon sha

The full name of Laguna meat is Echeveria simulans Laguna Sanchez, generally referred to as Laguna. It should be noted that it can not be called Sanchez, because Sanchez is the exclusive name of starshadow. Laguna is like Helena in the state, but the color is relatively dark. Now, let's get to know about Guna~

Succulent Laguna succulent plant Laguna: to understand Laguna, we need to understand the wrinkled leaf moon shadow. Echeveria simulans, formerly classified into a group with all kinds of moon shadows, was called "wrinkled leaf moon shadow". Later, it was separately classified into a series, and was newly named "Jinglian". There are 7 subspecies in total. At present, 5 species have been commercialized.

Echeveria simulans ascension (blue velvet)

Echeveria simulans Laguna Sanchez Laguna Sanchez

Echeveria simulans rayones Ravens

Echeveria simulans Siberia

Echeveria simulans pajonal

Echeveria simulans Pinal de amoles

Echeveria simulans Galeana (not commercialized, only in flora)

The method of identifying the wrinkled leaf shadow by Laguna: some specific conditions are not easy to distinguish. After all, most of the wrinkled leaf Moonshadow is seedling, and the nine dragon seeds are different, and the state of ice edge and wrinkled leaf is greatly affected by the environment.

Ascension asensong: obvious ice edge, big wave curl, occasionally there are serrations. The number of ice edges and the range of wave number vary greatly due to the state. This is also related to the fact that today's wrinkled leaf moon shadow series are seedling seedlings. After all, dragons have nine sons;

Laguna Sanchez Laguna Sanchez ice: the edge is more obvious, the tip of the leaf is very sharp, and there is even a filament. There are not many waves, but the package is tight, and it is easy to turn into pink, purple and red;

Rayones ravens: it's relatively unremarkable. It even looks like an ordinary moon shadow;

Siberia: the leaves are sharp and narrow, with two sides curling to the midrib;

Pajonal pahonar: the leaves are wide and short, with the feeling of "round wrinkled leaves" and dense small waves.

Succulent Laguna