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How to maintain Isuzu jade: pay attention to ventilation, do not get wet

Isuzu jade, also known as orange leaf flower. It is a classic succulent old variety. It has rod-shaped leaves, round semi transparent windows, large flowers. The diameter of the flowers is 5-6cm. The color of the flowers mainly includes light color, yellow color and orange color. The maintenance of Isuzu jade is not very difficult. It does not need to be taken care of too carefully. Let's read down and learn about it!

How to maintain Isuzu jade Isuzu jade: 1. Don't water it from the top in summer. When it's sultry and hot, try to use the soaking basin method. If the pottery basin can be soaked but the air permeability is not good, it's better to soak it half wet. If it's not necessary, try to avoid spraying water to the plant.

2. Don't get in the rain. If it is muggy or early stage of rainstorm, it is better not to supply water because the air humidity is very high.

3. It's enough to sun for 5 hours a day. Xiaobian is placed on the window sill outdoors. Don't leave it out in the sun. In fact, it's hotter in the greenhouse. If it's not in the sun, one is that the color is not good, and the other is that the plant is not strong. Air, sunshine and water are the three elements of plant growth.

4. Winter in the north of the home heating can be timely watering.

5. When there are wrinkles on the leaves, you can water them in 2-3 days. The best place for plants is ventilation.

Before the temperature reached about 38 degrees, Isuzu jade still survived. In fact, this temperature is very normal in the greenhouse. After several times in the greenhouse, Xiaobian found that succulent plants grow in a very bad environment. It is very cold in winter, cold and humid, and stuffy in summer. People have to use umbrellas when they go in, but they still survive. They are not as fragile as we think.

PS: the climate in the north and the south is different. It's OK for you to refer to it. You still need to observe more and apply fertilizer regularly, apply fertilizer frequently, dry thoroughly and irrigate thoroughly, rather dry than wet, and plant with heart

How to maintain Isuzu jade to expand knowledge - Isuzu Jade's growth habits: Isuzu jade is fond of sunshine, drought resistance, high temperature and humidity resistance, water humidity and strong light exposure, without obvious dormancy period. Cultivation points: the suitable temperature for growth is 15-30 degrees, and it is not lower than 5 degrees in winter. Peat vermiculite can be used for soil mixing The best way to do this is to water the bottom of the pot. The water level should not exceed two-thirds of that of the flowerpot, about 15 seconds. When watering, when you see that the leaf surface shrinks and there is wrinkle phenomenon, you can soak the basin, or spray water on the leaf surface. Generally, the growing season is monthly Once fertilized, the propagation method is mainly sowing. You can refer to the sowing and propagation methods of raw stone flower and flesh cone. For large plants of Isuzu jade, you can also use separate propagation, use sharp tools to cut (must be disinfected), and the wound must be dried.

Growth habit of Isuzu jade