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The cultivation method of Seed Lotus Flower: spring, summer and autumn should be watered in accordan

Zizhilianhua, a succulent plant in the Sedum family, is a very characteristic succulent variety. Some flower friends are new to the pit, so they don't know how to raise zizhilianhua. In fact, the maintenance method of zizhilianhua is simple and crude. You only need to pay attention to some key points to grow up smoothly ~ let's have a look!

The cultivation method of zizhilian is a "summer type" succulent plant. It grows rapidly in summer, is resistant to sunlight and heat, and needs large amount of water. In spring, summer and autumn, it should be watered in accordance with the principle of alternation of dry and wet. In winter, it is dormant at low temperature and relatively cold resistant. It is not harmful to freeze it outdoors in snowy days (about - 5 degrees below zero can be open air). Indoor winter can be controlled to make the plants enter the rest Sleep state.

Zizhilianhua prefers strong light, weak light, scattered leaves and even long stems. It is very ugly to stretch their necks one by one. It should be noted that during the growth period, the leaves are indeed scattered, but it is still very easy to distinguish from Xuchang, depending on how long the neck is stretched.

As for the propagation of zizhilianhua, it is easy to produce many cubs. During the propagation, the lateral buds (which have been rooted as far as possible) should be cut off and planted in the soil. That is to say, after planting, the seedlings should be placed in the astigmatism area for maintenance. After the root system has grown almost, it can receive light again. Because the leaves of zizhilianhua are thin, it is difficult for the cuttings to survive.

Cultivation methods of lotus seed

Four seasons maintenance of zizhilianhua

In the spring and autumn growing season, enough water can be given to zizhilianhua, which can be watered once when the soil is nearly dry. In summer, when zizhilianhua enters the dormancy period, it is better to control water with a small amount of water (when zizhilianhua enters the dormancy period, just like mountain rose, the leaves will be wrapped up, which is very obvious, like a small cabbage). Watering time can be selected in the warm time near noon in winter and cooler time in summer afternoon or evening.

In summer, when the temperature is 30 ℃, you can put the lotus flower in a bright place without direct light, strengthen ventilation, and water a small amount. The watering time can be selected at night. If the leaves of zizhilianhua are wrapped, it is entering the dormancy period. Attention should be paid to reducing the amount of watering. After the end of summer, the leaves of isocarpus Nelumbinis spread out and entered the growth period, and then gradually increased the light.

In winter, when the temperature is not lower than 0 ℃, the lotus seed can continue to grow. If the temperature is lower, it is necessary to move into the room for wintering. Try to choose a sunny room and reduce the amount of watering.

Four seasons maintenance of zizhilianhua