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How to raise the potted Gardenia at home?

Gardenia jasminoides is an important ornamental plant in balcony and garden because of its evergreen leaves and fragrant flowers. There are many kinds of Gardenia jasminoides. Take a look at the maintenance methods of traditional potted gardenia!

Gardenia potted maintenance is very simple, according to the following steps to maintain it!

1. Select suitable basin soil

Gardenia like acid soil, the suitable pH value is 5 to 6, and the suitable soil should be prepared before planting. If the pH of the soil is not suitable, then the maintenance is very troublesome.

The cultivation soil usually chooses rotten leaf soil, peat soil plus half garden soil, do not use coal cinder, or directly buy Clivia special soil, convenient and practical.

2. Rational fertilization

Gardenia like fertilizer, when planting in the soil add rotten cake fertilizer as base fertilizer.

Growth season with cake fertilizer, ferrous sulfate retting into fertilizer water, irrigation once a week. Organic liquid fertilizer with full nutrition can also be used.

In the budding stage, topdressing 1-2 times and watering potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution can make the flowers fat and fragrant.

When the temperature is above 35 ℃ in summer and 15 ℃ in autumn, fertilization should be stopped.

3 scientific watering

Gardenia likes humid environment. 4~9 month growth period, keep basin soil moist, watering see dry to see wet, evening spray can leaf wet, in order to maintain humidity. If the plants grow too fast, don't water them at night. Water them when the sun comes out in the morning.

In the northern alkali water area, when watering, the tap water should be placed for one day to irrigate. 3 ~ 5 days, pouring a little citric acid solution, can keep the leaves green.

More sunshine

The growth of Gardenia needs sufficient sunshine. If it is placed in the shade for a long time, the branches are thin and slender. In the maintenance, except for 7 / 8 and midday shading and winter hibernation, other time can be maintained in the sun.

5 good dormancy in winter

Although Gardenia jasminoides is hardy, the roots of potted Gardenia can be damaged after severe winter, and the recovery is slow in spring. However, the temperature is higher and the light is insufficient in the room with heating, so the plant growth slows down, and the next year it blooms later. The best way is to put the potted plants in the environment of 5 ℃ to hibernate, or wrap the flowerpots with thermal insulation materials and put them in the outdoor sunny and leeward place for winter.

6 proper pruning

When the main stem of Gardenia jasminoides grows to 20 cm, the top is removed and 3-4 branches are left to promote the branches. After flowering each year, light pruning, cutting off the weak and diseased branches. But Gardenia can not be cut off in spring, otherwise it is difficult to blossom in the same year.

Change basin soil timely

The vitality of Gardenia jasminoides is exuberant, the seedling grows from a few centimeters to dozens of centimeters, so it is necessary to change the basin according to the size of the plant. When the branch length of the plant is 2 ~ 3 times of the diameter of the flowerpot, it is necessary to change the pot. When changing pots, the old roots should be pruned in time, half of the soil should be changed, and the water should be watered, and placed in the half shade for a week. After the new buds grow, they should be moved to the sun.