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Different varieties of Chlorophytum have green leaves and beautiful flowers

Basin friends like which hanging pot plants, take a look at the names of these plants with Chlorophytum, different forms, unlike the above article of Chlorophytum, are the same, see if you like it!

1. Chlorophytum suffruticosa

(heart leaf diurnal flower, heart leaf ice flower, dew grass, dew flower, sun rose, Cape orchid, peony Chlorophytum)

Like sunshine, suitable for dry and ventilated environment. Avoid high temperature and humidity, like sand soil with good drainage. The suitable temperature for growth is 12-26 ℃.

2 thousand leaf Chlorophytum

It likes warm and humid environment, can grow normally in full sunlight and half shade, has strong cold resistance, can tolerate low temperature of about 0 ℃ in winter, but to avoid snow and frost directly falling on the plant, and reduce watering, if the root is soaked in water, it will cause rotten root and damage the plant.

During the growing period, keep the soil and air moist and avoid being too dry, otherwise the leaves will wither and fall off. Apply the decomposed thin liquid fertilizer or foliage plant fertilizer once a month.

3 pearl Chlorophytum (green bell)

Pearl Chlorophytum is generally divided into two kinds, lover's tears and Buddha beads. Teardrop like lover's tears, round is the Buddha bead, only then vivid!

It likes warm, humid, semi cloudy environment, strong adaptability, drought and cold tolerance, like loose and fertile soil. It grows best in the environment of warm air humidity and strong scattering light. It is generally suitable for growing under medium light conditions, and also resistant to weak light. The optimum temperature for growth is 15-25 ℃, and the temperature for overwintering is 5 ℃.

4 wedding dress Chlorophytum (romantic grass)

The leaves are light green and bright, the back of the leaves is purple red, the stems and vines are jointed, slender and soft, and the small flowers are white and straight. Like high temperature and humidity, scattered light environment, avoid direct sunlight, not resistant to shade, like water and fertilizer, resistant to pruning, afraid of cold, afraid of drought.

5 lipstick Chlorophytum

Lipstick Chlorophytum should be kept in a cool and ventilated place, and scattered light should be given occasionally. Avoid direct sunlight. The best growth temperature is 15-25 ℃. From 3 to September, the water demand is relatively large during the peak period of growth. Water should be constantly sprayed and sprayed to increase humidity.

6 goldfish Chlorophytum (Goldfish Flower, kangaroo flower)

Like high temperature, high humidity, negative environment, if placed in the sun for a long time, too dry or too low temperature in winter will cause defoliation.

Goldfish Chlorophytum is easy to defoliate in winter. The suitable temperature for its growth is 18-22 ℃, and low temperature is avoided. If the temperature is lower than 10 ℃ for two consecutive days, the leaves begin to turn yellow and dry, and even slight vibration will defoliate. In addition to the low temperature, if the temperature continues to exceed 30 ℃, the leaves will drop.

7 strawberry Chlorophytum

Its leaves are like strawberries, so they are called "strawberry Chlorophytum". They like to grow in humid environment and loose, fertile and well drained sandy soil because they are fond of sunshine, cold resistance, and fear of drought. Avoid alkaline or heavy cohesive soil.

In the south of the Yangtze River, the young plants are cut and cut in summer and autumn. New leaves grow in the early spring of the following year, and then small white flowers are opened. The fruits are ripe and edible in the first ten days of May.

8 purple Chlorophytum

It is easy to breed in warm, humid and semi cloudy environment. The most suitable temperature is 20 ℃ and should not be lower than 5 ℃ in winter. Like fertilizer, fertilizer should be frequently applied during the growth period, and the leaves should be often sprayed with water, but the basin soil should not be too wet.