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Star Prince's maintenance: like sunny, warm, dry environment

Star prince, a succulent plant, is a kind of peculiar and beautiful succulent plant. Its leaves are arranged closely and orderly, and gradually become smaller from the base to the top. Its leaf edge has red edge, like painted lipstick. The edges of the leaves are very thin and sharp, and the leaves are sharper. Many flower lovers confuse it with "money string". Today, let's learn the conservation method of star prince~

Maintenance of star Prince

Maintenance method of succulent plant star Prince: the growth habit of succulent plant star prince should be sunny, warm and dry environment, avoid water humidity, high temperature, stuffy heat and excessive shade, and be resistant to drought and half shade. The main growth period is in winter, and sufficient light should be given, otherwise the color and luster of leaves will be affected due to insufficient light. Keep the basin soil moist without ponding, and apply decomposed thin liquid fertilizer or compound fertilizer with low nitrogen, high phosphorus and potassium once every half month. However, the amount of application should not be too much, so as to avoid the excessive length of stems and leaves and the elongation of internode distance, which will make the plants loose and seriously affect the viewing. In the cold and cool seasons of winter and early spring or under the condition of sufficient sunshine, the leaves are reddish brown or brown, and the leaf margin has white cuticle.

In summer, the plant is in dormancy or semi dormancy state, and the plant growth is slow or completely stopped. It is better to keep the plant in a place with cool ventilation, bright light and no direct sunlight. It is not necessary to pour too much water to prevent rot.

In winter, the plants can continue to grow when the temperature is above 10 ℃. If the soil is kept dry and the plants are dormant, they can also tolerate the low temperature of 5 ℃.

Maintenance of star Prince

When the plant is full of flowerpots, the pot can be changed in spring. The basin soil should be loose, fertile, and have good drainage. Garden soil, coarse sand or vermiculite each 2 parts, rotten leaf soil 1 part, mixed evenly, and add a small amount of bone meal and chicken, cow dung as base fertilizer.

The propagation of fleshy plant xingwangzi can be divided by changing pots in spring. In the growing season, strong and full top branches can also be cut for cutting in sandy soil. Each cutting segment should have more than 4 pairs of leaves, 3-5 cm in length. Under the condition of 18-24 ℃, it should keep a little moisture and take root in 2-3 weeks. The seeds can also be harvested and sowed from April to May. Under the condition of about 20 ℃, the seeds germinate within two weeks after sowing, and the seedlings grow faster. It's suitable for family support. Expand knowledge - the value of star Prince: the leaf shape and color of star prince are more beautiful and have certain ornamental value; potted plants can be placed beside TV and computer to absorb radiation, and can also be planted indoors to absorb formaldehyde and other substances to purify the air.

Star Prince