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What are woody plants: xylem developed, stem hard, perennial

Woody plant is a kind of solid plant whose root and stem grow thick and form a lot of xylem, and the cell wall is also mostly lignified. Plant xylem developed, stem hard, perennial. Woody plants can be divided into tree, shrub and semi shrub. (Note: bamboo is a herb) and woody plants are the source of wood, which are perennial plants. So what are the woody plants? Dear friends, you may as well learn about it with Xiaobian.

Woody plants are deciduous. Woody plants generally fall in winter (or dry season) and grow in spring, summer and autumn (or rainy season).

1. Representative plants: Chimonanthus praecox, plum blossom, Magnolia, Jasminum nudiflorum, Populus, etc.

Growth characteristics: it blooms in late winter or early spring. There are flower buds and leaf buds on the branches. When germinating, flowers first and then leaves.


2. Representative plants: apple, pear, Malus pendula, etc.

Growth characteristics: it blooms in spring, and there are mixed buds and leaf buds on the branches. The mixed buds are born on the short branches, and the flowers and leaves are blooming at the same time.

Malus Halliana

3. Representative plants: Rose, Didang, etc.

Growth characteristics: when germinating, it leaves first and then flowers. It can bloom many times a year, especially in spring and autumn.

chinese rose

4. Representative plants: pomegranate, Lagerstroemia indica, etc.

Growth characteristics: when germinating, leaves first and then flowers, flowering in summer or autumn, flowering period is longer.

chinese rose

5. Representative plants: Rose, rose, etc.

Growth characteristics: when germinating, leaves first and then flowers, flowering at the turn of spring and summer, only once a year.


6. Representative plant: Paulownia.

Growth characteristics: in spring, flowers and leaves grow at the same time. The flower bud is formed in summer and opens in spring after overwintering.

The leaves of Paulownia usually fall off at the same time as the evergreen leaves in spring.

1. Representative plants: citrus, longan, pine, cypress, etc.

Growth characteristics: flowering in spring.


2. Representative plant: calyx spur flower.

Growth characteristics: perennial flowering.


3. Representative plant: jasmine.

Growth characteristics: like hot climate, midsummer is the main flowering period.


4. Representative plants: camellia, camellia, camellia, etc.

Growth characteristics: the period of flower bud is very long. Generally, the flower bud forms in summer. The flower bud needs to overwinter before opening in the spring of the next year.