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Small black square: actually it's a small black basin

Some novice flower friends do not understand why so many flower friends like to use small black square to grow meat. They also want to follow, but they don't know the size of the little black square. Pro, follow the editor to read down to find the answer!

The size of the small black square: the small black square is actually a small black basin. Generally, the diameter of the basin mouth is about 7cm, 10cm, and the depth is about 8cm. When you buy, you should pay attention to the size.

Size of small black square

The advantages of using small black square to plant more meat: the advantages of small black square are mainly cheap, space saving, good water permeability and tidiness. The disadvantages of using small black square to plant meat: of course, the small black square is not all advantages and disadvantages. For example, summer is more heat absorbing. After a summer's exposure, the basin is easy to age and fragile. Therefore, flower friends must understand its shortcomings when choosing small black square. In summer, they should pay attention to shading, because of good water permeability, so they should also pay attention to water supplement.

In fact, no matter what kind of utensils are used to grow more meat, it mainly depends on the conditions of Huayou. There are no best utensils but only whether they can be used. Some flower friends can raise good meat with small black square of 1-2 yuan, but they can't grow well with more than ten or even dozens of yuan of ceramic utensils. Therefore, flower friends should choose utensils according to their own preferences and circumstances.

Little black square