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How to raise Qianshou Guanyin: strict lighting requirements

Thousand handed Avalokitesvara is a perennial evergreen plant. It is short and easy to move. It is very suitable for furnishing at home. The following are the cultivation methods and precautions of Qianshou Guanyin

Soil: it can be cultivated in nutrient soil mixed with rotten leaf soil, peat soil, river sand and a small amount of retting cake fertilizer.

2. Planting: generally, when the temperature is high in spring and summer every year, the plants with dense tillering growth of underground tubers are divided along the tuber separation place, so that each part has 2-3 plants, and then they are planted in pots respectively. As far as the ramets are concerned, it should be as little as possible to damage the roots. At the same time, the pots should be placed in a wet environment after the basin is laid. Keep the basin soil moist regularly and pay attention to the spray on the leaves so as to restore the growth of the new plants.

3. Watering: Qianshou Guanyin is especially fond of dampness. In the growing season, not only the basin soil is required to be moist, but also the air humidity is not less than 60%. In summer, it is necessary to strengthen water spraying to create a relatively cool and humid environment for it. If it is placed in the indoor air-conditioning hall, it is necessary to ensure that the basin soil is moist and spray water on the leaf surface from time to time. If the room temperature can't reach 15 ℃ in winter, the watering should be controlled, otherwise it will lead to rotten roots.

4. Light: Qianshou Guanyin is a shade tolerant plant. It likes a semi shade environment. It should be placed in a shady and ventilated environment. It should not be exposed to the sun in order to avoid large-area burns.

5. Temperature: the growth temperature of Qianshou Guanyin is 20-30 ℃, and the lowest temperature is 8 ℃. In summer, it can grow normally as long as the soil is moist, often sprayed with water and shaded. The room temperature in winter should not be lower than 5 ℃.

6. Fertilization: Qianshou Guanyin is fond of fertilizer. From March to October, liquid fertilizer should be applied every half a month. The proportion of nitrogen element can be appropriately increased. If a little ferrous sulfate can be added, it will be better to add a little ferrous sulfate. In this way, the leaves will grow as big as lotus leaves, bright and clean, and lack of fertilizer for a long time will easily cause the plant leaves to droop and affect the ornamental value. Fertilization should be stopped when the temperature is lower than 15 ℃.

7. Change basin: usually change basin once a year in spring, loosen soil once a month, keep basin soil in good condition.

8. Plastic surgery: if you want to keep the Qianshou Guanyin small and exquisite, just wait until its seedlings grow to a foot or so, suitable for family display, immediately spray the whole plant with 2% Paclobutrazol solution, and then the stems and leaves grow no more than 40 cm high, and the leaves are thick, with high ornamental value. Spraying once about half a year can play a good role in controlling height.

9. Disease prevention: one is leaf spot disease, the other is anthrax. Leaf spot can be sprayed with 800 times of chlorothalonil or carbendazim on the leaf surface for 2-3 consecutive times, every 7 days. For Anthracnose, 75% thiophanate methyl 500 times solution should be sprayed on the leaves. Notes on breeding thousand handed Guanyin

Potted plant of thousand handed Guanyin

1. Light: Qianshou Guanyin is required to grow in half shade. If the light is too strong, it is easy to dim the color of the leaves and produce sunburn. However, if the light is too weak, it will easily lead to overgrowth, and the plant will grow thin and prone to lodging.

2. Fertilization: in the vigorous growth period, the soil can be loosened once a month according to the growth of the plant to keep the basin soil in a good state of permeability. The application of thin liquid fertilizer once or twice a month and the application of additional phosphorus and potassium fertilizer can help the plant stem stand upright and grow healthily. At the same time, it is conducive to the growth and enrichment of ground tubers and the cold resistance and overwintering in winter.

3. Cleaning: reuse of the old basin, must be soaked in potassium permanganate 2000 times solution for more than half an hour, and then washed with water, air dry for use.