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Iris flower language: innocence, friendship forever

In May, in the season of iris blooming, you can see a beautiful blue butterfly flying among the green leaves, as if to spread the news of spring to the distance. Needless to say, you should know that the maker of this enchanting and beautiful scenery is iris. So what is the beautiful and intoxicating iris language?

The flower language of iris: the flower language of white iris: innocence.

The flower language of yellow iris: friendship is everlasting, warm and cheerful.

Flower language of blue iris: appreciation and admiration.

The flower language of purple iris: love and auspiciousness.

Iris in full bloom

According to legend, when Clovis, king of the first dynasty of France, was baptized, God gave him a gift, iris. In France, iris is a symbol of light and freedom.

Iris represents "power" and "eloquence" in ancient Egypt. The Israelites generally believe that the yellow iris is the symbol of "gold", so they have the custom of planting iris, that is, they hope to bring wealth to the afterlife.

Monet also planted iris in givini's garden, and took it as the theme, leaving a scene full of natural vitality and rhythm on the canvas. The colorful irises represent different meanings.

White iris stands for innocence, yellow means lasting friendship, warm and cheerful, blue means appreciating each other's elegance and generosity or secretly admiring, while purple means love and auspiciousness.