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What is fire sacrifice Brocade: Fire sacrifice brocade is the fire sacrifice after the state, also k

Fire sacrifice may be known or heard by many flower friends, but how much do you know about fire sacrifice brocade? Especially novice flower friends, it is better not to know what is fire sacrifice brocade, so, the following small make-up for you to introduce what is fire sacrifice brocade.

What is fire sacrifice brocade? In fact, fire sacrifice brocade is the fire sacrifice after the state, also known as the light of fire sacrifice. At this time, there will be white or yellow stripes and patches on the leaf surface of huojijin. The plant is white green for a long time, and the leaf edge is red or pink during water cut or dormancy period. During the growth period, it is dry and drenched thoroughly. The plant is not afraid to be drenched. It is easy to grow in full sunlight, but it can form a very beautiful semi woody stem The scenery is very beautiful.

Spring and autumn are the growth period, dry thoroughly, summer will have a short dormancy, need ventilation and shading, generally to continue to 32 degrees high temperature will shade. Slowly reduce water, give water 2 to 3 times a month to keep the root system dry.

The following are the fire sacrificial brocade without state and out of state respectively:

Fire sacrifice brocade without state

Fire sacrifice brocade

Some flower friends wonder whether the light of fire sacrifice is fire sacrifice Brocade: usually, as long as the brocade spot distribution area accounts for more than 65% of the total leaf area of the whole plant, and there is no obvious boundary line between the brocade spot and the original leaf color, and there is no repetition of certain rules (such as covering wheel, middle spot, etc.) for each leaf, then it can be called the light of fire sacrifice. The knowledge of fire sacrifice brocade expands the growth habit of fire sacrifice brocade

Fire sacrifice brocade likes cool, dry and sunny environment. It is resistant to drought and waterlogging, and has certain cold tolerance. It is not easy for the plant to grow red or green in full shade.

Daily maintenance of fire sacrifice Brocade:

In the process of cultivation of fire sacrifice brocade, attention should be paid not to excessive water and fertilizer, especially nitrogen fertilizer, otherwise the plant will grow too long and the leaf color is not red, which will affect the viewing. If water and fertilizer are controlled to slow down the growth of plants, good results will be achieved. You can wait until the basin soil is nearly dry before watering, and apply a thin fertilizer mainly of phosphorus and potassium once a month. It is not necessary to shade in midsummer, but good ventilation is required to avoid root rot or other diseases and insect pests caused by heat and humidity. At the same time, it can also be appropriate to take the head and core to control the height of the plant, and promote the germination of new ramets at the base, so as to make the plant type plump, timely remove the dry and rotten leaves, and maintain the beauty of the plant shape. The cut branches can be used as cuttings for cutting propagation. In winter, the soil should be kept dry in the sunny room. As long as the frost and snow do not directly pour on the plants, the basin soil will not freeze, and it can survive the winter safely above 0 ℃. The pots should be changed every 1-2 years in spring. When changing pots, the rotten and long roots should be cut short, and then new culture soil should be used. The medium with good drainage and air permeability should be used, such as the mixed soil of peat soil and perlite.