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Cultivation methods and matters needing attention of yiyelan: soil culture and pot culture are diffe

Yiyelan is tall and straight, with bright green leaves, strong growth, strong adaptability and strong shade tolerance. It is an excellent shade loving foliage plant for indoor greening and decoration. The following is the specific cultivation method of yelan.

The breeding method of orchid with good growth: propagation by ramet method can be carried out in March in spring. Large clumps of plants should be dug out from the soil, gently shake off the old soil, and cut them with a sharp knife according to the trend of rhizomes. Each rhizome should have 8-9 buds. The new plant was placed in the shade and dried for half a day.

There are two common cultivation methods

1. Soil planting

Soil: yiyelan is not strict with soil requirements, but it is better to use loose and fertile slightly acid sandy loam.

Planting: the planting density is 9-12 plants per square meter, and the seedlings are planted at equal intervals.

2. Potted plant

Pot selection: shallow pots are suitable for potting, and the mixture of rotten leaf soil, peat soil and garden soil can be used as the substrate.

Upper basin: after the basin is selected, before planting, first cover the drain hole at the bottom of the pot with large pieces of broken tiles, and spread with window screen, and then spread the coarse grain of mountain mud, and then put the orchid plant into the pot. The root system of the orchid plant should be evenly distributed and spread without touching the basin wall. Then fill the basin with cultivation substrate, bury it to the leaf base of the pseudobulb, and cover the surface of the basin soil with a layer of white stone or green cloud grass, which is beautiful and can keep moist to prevent water from washing the soil. At this point, the planting is finished. After that, the soil was taken out after the soil was soaked through the pot bottom, and the soil on the leaf surface was flushed with a sprinkling pot, and the seedlings were placed in the shade area. After a week, it was transferred to normal management.

Post planting management:

Watering: in the growing season, the potted soil should be watered sufficiently to keep the basin soil moist, and the foliar surface should be often sprayed with water to increase the humidity, so as to facilitate the sprouting and growing of new leaves; after the end of autumn, the amount of watering can be appropriately reduced.

Fertilization: in the vigorous growth stage of spring, summer and autumn, the thin fertilizer should be applied once a week for the plant, and the topdressing should be stopped in winter.

Light: the orchid grows well in the bright place without direct sunlight, so it can be shaded by shading net. During the high temperature stage in summer and autumn, do not make the plant accept direct sunlight, otherwise, there will be irreversible yellow patches on its leaves, which will slow down its growth rate and reduce its ornamental value.

Temperature: yiyelan likes warm, avoid cold. The ambient temperature should be kept between 15 ℃ and 25 ℃, and the overwintering temperature should not be lower than 5 ℃.

Production cycle: it takes about 6 months from planting new plants to harvesting finished products. In the future, the finished products can be harvested one after another. After three years or so, the old plants should be renewed, and then the clumped one leaf orchid can be replanted.

In the living room of Yiye orchid breeding notes: 1, spring and summer vigorous growth period of liquid fertilizer 1-2 times a month to ensure that the leaves are bright and beautiful. It can be cultivated in bright indoor all year round, but it can't be placed in direct sunlight whether indoor or outdoor; short-term sunlight exposure may also cause leaf burns and reduce the ornamental value.

2. Ventilation: when the growth is vigorous, it is enough to keep the environment well ventilated. Because the growth of yiyelan is slow in winter, this operation can be avoided at that time.