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Bonsai of Bougainvillea: mainly pruning, supplemented by binding

According to the different conditions of potted plants, it can be made into single pole type, double pole type, inclined pole type, curved pole type, horizontal pole type, water and drought type, water facing type, cliff type, pagoda type, flower basket type, etc. Here we briefly introduce the method of making bougainvillea.

Methods of making triangle plum bonsai 1. Pruning is the main modeling method, and binding is the auxiliary. The young trees can be coiled according to the needs of modeling, and several Bougainvillea trees of different colors and colors can be planted together for abutting.

2. Several Bougainvillea trees were planted in one pot with a spacing of 3cm. After the growth was normal, the wires with plastic skin were used for binding at the appropriate height (according to the shape).

3. After the growth is finalized, the outer skin of the joint of plant and branch is cut off with a knife, and then it is connected with the cambium. After the knot is still tied (the wound should be protected from rain and watering), and the binding line should be removed after the growth is firm.

4. The following parts can be regarded as roots. They can be bent and shaped according to their own needs, or they can be matched with stones to form root boulders.

5. Strengthen management, grow a lot of branches by connecting the above parts, prune according to the intended shape, and subtract the redundant branches.

Warm tips: pruning must be carried out according to the overall image of the idea, to achieve a clear idea before cutting, and can not be carried out blindly. After pruning, the remaining branches will be further coiled and shaped. As time goes on, new trunk will be formed by connecting with the following parts, but the surface will be rough and uneven, which will be more vigorous and simple.

Conclusion: through constant pruning and modeling, we can achieve the goal of elegant root and stem, luxuriant crown and rich levels, so as to make a pot of Bougainvillea potted landscape with hanging roots and claws and blooming flowers.

Bonsai modeling of Bougainvillea