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How to distinguish the orchid hormone grass (attached picture): mainly depends on its appearance and

Hormone drugs, hormone pork... We've all heard of them, but have you ever heard of orchid hormone grass? Do you know how to plant it when you encounter hormone grass? Do you know how to distinguish? Pro, don't worry, let's read down to understand!

Healthy orchid what is orchid hormone grass is the orchid that beat certain hormone. When we meet hormone grass, how do we plant hormone grass? We usually bring new buds for sale. The new buds sell well, but the old leaves look old and yellow, without crystal head and rotten roots. After the new buds grow into reed heads, their body shape is obviously much shorter than that of the old leaves. The leaves are also deformed and grow into dwarf species. At this time, pay attention to the fact that the old grass is suffering from hormone basically no vitality, mainly relying on New grass to support, this is also a factor in the growth of new grass.

At this time, the old grass should be separated from the new one. After the old grass is separated, the grass will be emptied soon. Select the new grass with the best root and raise it separately in pots, and throw away the other bad ones. The buds of the new grass should be reserved and the rest should be planned. In this way, the third generation of grass should be able to grow tall, and the third generation of grass should be able to get rid of the influence of hormones and rejuvenate smoothly.

How to distinguish the healthy orchid hormone grass 1. One of the characteristics of hormonal grass: most of the leaves are short and strong, and there is little difference between the strong and weak before the generation, but the root of the orchid is short and thick, which does not match the overall plant type. In fact, the root of the real short strong grass is not short, and the root is also many. This is actually more valuable as a reference for selecting seedlings.

How to distinguish the orchid hormone grass

2. The second characteristic of hormonal grass is that toothpick seedling is quite different from that of its mother seedling. If the mother seedling is healthy, the new bud must be strong, even Shuanglong. This Duanxiu lotus didn't produce many seedlings. Is the hormone used due to chlormequat? When you discover this feature, you've been hit!

How to distinguish the orchid hormone grass

3. The third characteristic of hormone seedling is that the new bud does not take root or is not easy to walk, and the root tip of old seedling is easy to appear carbonization.

How to distinguish the orchid hormone grass