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The cultivation method and matters needing attention of tiger skin orchid: watering should be approp

It has a strong adaptability to the environment and is a tough plant. There are certain requirements for temperature, watering, fertilizing, illumination and so on. The following is the cultivation methods and precautions of tiger skin orchid: the cultivation method of tiger skin orchid

Potted plant of Cymbidium goeringii

1. Soil: potted Humulus can be mixed with rotten leaf soil and garden soil with a small amount of decomposed base fertilizer as substrate.

2. Planting: hupilan is a root and hair plant. Generally speaking, it only needs to plant a few plants. After a year, you can harvest a full pot. When planting, you should first pad part of the soil under the basin, and then start planting from one side of the basin, and evenly plant in the basin.

3. Watering requirements: watering should be appropriate and the principle of dry rather than wet should be mastered. Usually use clean water to wipe the dust on the leaf surface to keep the blade clean and bright. In spring, when new plants sprout at the root neck, more water should be given to keep the basin soil moist; in summer, the soil should be kept moist; after the end of autumn, the amount of water should be controlled.

4. Lighting requirements: Cymbidium wilfordii grows well under the condition of sufficient light. In addition to avoiding direct sunlight in midsummer, it should receive more sunlight in other seasons; if it is placed in the indoor light too dark for too long, the leaves will be dark and lack of vitality. In addition, if it is placed indoors for a long time, it should not be moved to the sunlight suddenly. It is better to move in the light first, so that it will have a process of adaptation before seeing the sun again.

5. Temperature requirements: the suitable temperature for its growth is 20-30 ℃. In winter, it should not be lower than 10 ℃. Therefore, we must pay attention to it, especially in the northern region.

6. Fertilization requirements: the requirement of fertilizer is not high, only need to fertilize twice a month in the growing season, pay attention to the application of thin fertilizer solution, so as to ensure the growth and prosperity.

7. Pruning skills: compared with other domestic green plants, the growth rate of Humulus is relatively fast. Therefore, when the basin is full, manual pruning is necessary, mainly to cut off the old leaves and overgrown places, so as to ensure its sunshine and growth space.

8. Pot changing skills: the tiger skin orchid is a perennial plant. Generally speaking, it should be changed every two years. When changing the pot, we should add nutrients to the new soil, so as to ensure its nutrient supply.

9. Diseases and insects: the common diseases of Cymbidium hupehensis mainly include leaf spot disease and anthrax. At this time, 50% carbendazim can be sprayed for treatment; the common insect pests are weevil damage, and 1000 times of 50% fenitrothion EC can be used.

Points for attention in the cultivation of tiger skin orchid (1) the temperature is too low or too high. If it is placed under 10 ℃ or above 30 ℃ for a long time, it cannot grow well, and naturally it will not grow high.

(2) Root rot, this is mainly caused by improper watering, if too much water, root rot, naturally also affect the growth.

(3) The light is not reasonable. Some people never let it see the sun when they grow flowers. In this way, it is not conducive to the growth of hupilan, and naturally it can not grow high.

(4) Lack of fertilizer, this is a common problem, if there is not enough fertilizer, fertilizer is mainly nitrogen.