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How do succulent plants live in winter in the North: the succulent plants raised in the open air sho

Although winter has just passed, there is still a trace of coldness in spring in the north. When spring comes, can summer be far behind? When summer comes, can autumn be far behind? Autumn is not far away, winter is not far, ha ha, you are joking! Today we are going to talk about how succulent plants spend the winter. Maybe some novice flower lovers will feel panic. Because succulent plants are most afraid of summer and winter, so in winter, novice flower lovers don't know what to do. Then the following small make-up to give Xiaobai a tree!

How do succulent plants in the North survive the winter

First of all, we need to plan our own succulent plants for winter according to our own actual conditions. In most cases, when the minimum temperature is lower than 5 degrees in winter, the water should be cut off gradually. Keep the basin soil dry below 0 degrees, and try to keep it no less than 5 degrees below zero. In this way, we can spend the winter safely.

We also need to consider a situation, that is, some varieties are cold resistant, some varieties are not cold resistant, some varieties have strong plants and good root growth, so they are relatively cold resistant, and some have succulent roots, so they are relatively vulnerable to frostbite or death. We need to understand our fleshy. Let's analyze several situations

1、 How to live in winter with meat in the open air?

Of course, most of the plants in the north are resistant to the weather.

Meaty in the open

2、 How to survive the winter with heating and meat?

Although there is heating, it is necessary to consider the ventilation and lighting, otherwise it will be too long. As for water control, it needs to be determined according to the actual situation, because some Huayou's heating temperature is very high and the humidity is very low. In addition, some flower friends have enough heating in their homes, while others are still warm on the floor. It's better to prevent the meat from being roasted by the heating. Keep away from the heating, and it doesn't matter if the temperature is lower. You can control the water properly, but if it is too close, it will be burnt out!

3、 How to survive the winter without heating?

Most of them are Huayou in rural areas. They don't have central heating. In this case, they need to know their own conditions and how much the minimum temperature can be controlled in winter. If there is ice in the room, the meat will be dangerous and insulation measures should be taken. Flower friends can cover the roots of potted plants with a little cotton cloth or straw, and then the leaves can be wrapped with cotton cloth with good thermal properties. Or some flower friends built a small greenhouse with foam boxes, which is also good!

How do succulent plants in the North survive the winter

Conclusion: in fact, it's not so difficult to survive the winter with plenty of meat in the north. The difficulty lies in the lack of heating. It's not worth to build a shed with a few pots of meat. As long as we pay attention to the minimum temperature, it's OK to say that the meat is not cold resistant, so don't freeze it.