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What role does evergreen have: improve air, medicinal and so on

Evergreen flowers, it leaves wide, dark green, it is inlaid with dense, irregular white, milky white, light yellow and other color spots, stripes or patches. Evergreen is a kind of elegant indoor foliage plant with bright colors, bright colors, green all seasons, elegant and beautiful. So what's the use of Dieffenbachia? Let's read more about it~

What's the function of Dieffenbachia: 1. Ornamental: Evergreen is a good indoor foliage plant. Its leaves are wide, yellow green, with white or yellow white dense irregular spots. Some are golden yellow inlaid with green edge, bright and strong color, beautiful and elegant, with very high ornamental value. It is one of the more popular indoor foliage plants now.

2. Embellishment home: indoor evergreen is generally potted planting layout, young plants small potted plants, can be placed on the desk, windowsill viewing; medium-sized potted plants can be placed in the living room corner, sofa edge as decoration, so that indoor full of natural vitality. The home decorated with evergreen flower leaves is very elegant and elegant, which is a good home furnishing green plants.


3. Improve the air: the decoration of evergreen flowers in the home, not only has strong ornamental and decorative effect, but also can effectively clean indoor air pollution. The higher the concentration of pollutants in the air, the more it can play its purification capacity, which is beneficial to improve the household air and absorb formaldehyde.

4. Medicinal: Dieffenbachia can be used to appreciate and improve the air, and its medicinal value is not bad. It has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxification. It is used for traumatic injuries, broken tendons, gold injuries, flash bruises and sprains, sores, erysipelas, carbuncle and gangrene. The leaves of Dieffenbachia dieffensis are baked on the fire or the juice is used as ointment for external application. It can also drain and detumescence. However, the juice of leaves and stems is toxic, which can stimulate the skin and respiratory mucosa. It should be placed in places where children and pets are not easy to contact.

Evergreen to expand knowledge - the symbolic meaning of evergreen: the symbolic meaning of evergreen can be known from its name. Evergreen is evergreen all the year round, always so vigorous, and its fruit color is bright red. Therefore, evergreen has always been a symbol of auspiciousness, health, longevity, wealth and peace, and is deeply loved by people.