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What are the functions of fragrant wood: mosquito repellent, ornamental and other functions

Qingxiang wood is named after its leaves are plucked or rubbed, which is similar to the fragrance of pepper and citrus. Its leaves are fine and green, the tender leaves are red, and the branches are soft and lovely. In addition, its fragrant smell makes it popular among more and more people. What's the function of fragrant wood? Let's look down~

What's the function of qingxiangmu: 1. The function of qingxiangmu is mainly applied, such as medicine, making crafts with branches and stems. Compared with the family potted fragrant wood, its ornamental function is greater.

2. Because the fragrant wood has a strong pepper flavor, the merchants publicize that the fragrant wood has the function of repelling mosquitoes. What we want to tell Huayou is that although the fragrant wood can give off the smell and may have the effect of mosquito repellent, it is not suitable to place too much indoor. One of the taboos for placing plants indoors is that plants have strong taste, because it is not conducive to rest, and may also cause Other allergic events occur, compared with mosquito repellent, healthy living and rest environment is more important. Of course, if the living room is larger, there is no problem to place a basin of fragrant wood, but do not put it in the bedroom.

Other functions of potted qingxiangmu: 1. Leaf bark can be used as medicine. It has the effect of anti-inflammatory, detoxification and astringency. The effect of boiling water on diarrhea is good. The leaves can be used as raw materials for temple incense after being dried in the sun. The oil in the fruit can be used to fix teeth. It is effective for some dermatophytes.

2. Tannins can be extracted from bark and used as pharmaceutical monomers, cosmetics and tanning materials.

3. After drying, the wood has good color and stability. It can replace the imported mahogany to make musical instruments, furniture, wood carvings, handicrafts, etc.

4. Aromatic oil can be extracted from leaves, which is commonly used to make "fragrance" by leaf milling.

5. Feeding pigs is a good feed.

6. Garden greening, potted plants. It can purify the air and drive away mosquitoes and flies.

7. Beauty: the fresh leaves are rammed into mud like surface, which can shrink and tighten the coarse pores, reduce wrinkles, and make the skin show a delicate appearance. It can inhibit the activities of tyrosinase and catalase, reduce and decolorize melanin, effectively remove reactive oxygen species, and has comprehensive whitening effect.

The essential oil was extracted by steam distillation (SD), and its chemical components were analyzed by GC-MS. the antibacterial and antitumor activities of the volatile oil were detected by cup plate method and Alamar Blue method. The results showed that 29 compounds were isolated and identified, accounting for 99.54% of the total volatile oil. The results showed that the active substances in the volatile oil from the leaves of qingxiangmu had strong inhibitory activities against E.coli, S.aureus and r.glutinis, and significantly inhibited the nuclei of human non-small cell lung cancer (NCI-H460) in vitro, and the inhibitory effect was positively correlated with the concentration. When the mass concentration reached 0.1 g / L, the inhibition rate reached 92.56%.