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Rose varieties suitable for balcony culture: variety introduction and pictures

Rose, known as the queen of flowers, also known as the "red moon.". It has strong adaptability, cold and cold resistance, no matter planted in the field or potted. Therefore, there are many flower friends want to start a pot of rose culture on the balcony. But the balcony space is relatively small, flower friends do not know which species of rose to choose to breed. Pro, don't worry, read along with Xiaobian!

How to choose a rose variety suitable for balcony culture: because the space of balcony is relatively small, it is suitable to choose varieties with large amount of flowers, multi flowering and small crown width, so we can mainly consider small shrubs, mini roses, flowering roses and other types of roses.

Here, it is necessary to remind flower friends that it is very important to plant roses in the balcony. If it is a closed balcony, it needs a lot of patience to raise roses well. For balconies with poor lighting and ventilation, the flowering amount and color of roses are relatively weak. Flower friends need to be prepared in mind.

Chelvia - rose varieties suitable for balcony Cultivation: Maurice utillo, Louis clemenz, hot chocolate, Cistercian priest rose, Republic of Montmartre, sweet dream, coral Babylonian eyes, Maria Teresa, blue dream, pastel barbiron eyes, Princess Mary castle, rose in the wind, red Da Vinci, Henry Matisse, attention Eyes, pink Da Vinci, Heidi Krum, garden dream, Saint Exupery, molinux 'Silver Jubilee, Jude the obscure, chelvia, Chinese girl, lady sunshine harbor, baroness, Princess Anne, Charlotte, in memory of Marcel Proust, dames, Rachel

Maurice utillo rose

Expanding knowledge - uses of Rose: 1. Landscaping

Rose has an indispensable value in landscaping. In the north and south gardens, rose is the most frequently used flower. Its high ornamental value is mainly ornamental flowers in spring. It can be used for arranging flower bed, flower border and garden flower material in garden, making rose bonsai, cutting flower, flower basket, flower bundle, etc.

Because of its climbing growth characteristics, rose is mainly used for vertical greening, and has a unique role in garden, street view and beautiful flower environment. If it can form a pleasing way and style, it can be made into various arched, grid shaped and frame type shelves for the rose to climb on. After proper pruning and shaping, the building can be decorated and become a clever "link" between buildings and gardens.

Blue dream -- rose

2、 Environmental protection

It can be made into continuous flower hedges, flower screens, flower walls, and used in offices, schools, residential areas, urban squares and other places. It can not only purify the air and beautify the environment, but also greatly reduce the noise pollution in the surrounding areas and alleviate the greenhouse effect of the hot summer city. Rose is also an expert in absorbing harmful gases. It can absorb hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen fluoride, benzene, phenol and other harmful gases. At the same time, it has strong resistance to sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide. Therefore, rose is also a good plant to protect human living environment.

Louis clemenz rose

3、 Medicinal value

Flowers can extract spices. Root, leaf and flower can be used as medicine, which has the effect of promoting blood circulation, reducing swelling, anti inflammation and detoxification. And it is a good gynecological medicine. According to traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese rose is sweet in taste and warm in nature. It can activate blood circulation, regulate menstruation, reduce swelling and detoxification. Because of its obvious function of removing blood stasis, promoting qi and relieving pain, rose flower is often used to treat irregular menstruation and dysmenorrhea.

Excessive menstruation, leucorrhea, with rose (or root) 15g decoction or stewed pork; Rose 10g, 12g jujube, decoction, add appropriate amount of honey, this prescription is fragrant and sweet, unlike medicine, very effective for menstrual hot flashes. In addition, women often use rose petals as tea drinks, or join other body-building tea to drink, but also can promote blood circulation and beauty, so that people stay young.