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Open a book, face-to-face to the birds and flowers? She creates a 3D garden and hides plants in book

Bozena rydlewska, a Warsaw artist in Poland, recently exhibited her new work, new botany. This is a set of 3D books, also known as 3D window pop-up art. Open a book, face-to-face to the birds and flowers.

New Botany

Artist: Bozena rydlewska

Hand made pop-up works that hide plants in books

Bozena rydlewska is an illustrator. In her works, the delicate details of flowers and plants are always displayed incisively and vividly. She was tired of sitting in front of the computer screen all day and moving her wrists in the sky above the sketchpad. One day, she finally decided not to live such a life.

How can plane carry the beauty of plants? How can a flower stand up?

Bozena is curious about some three-dimensional forms of paper art. She began to read related handmade books and took a three-dimensional book making course in the UK, from which she began to create by hand.

The symmetrical flower pattern is Bozena's best. These hand-painted works are lifelike and charming, and are displayed in three-dimensional form on books and paper. It takes 3-4 weeks to make a three-dimensional book from modeling design and composition to elaborately depicting a flower and leaf.

"I want to create warm works with my hands. Only handmade works can satisfy my desire to express them with my hands." Bozena said.

Bozena has a special love for plants, even crazy love. It is probably because of this that she can flow out of her hands such a beautiful paper plant kingdom.

"Every plant has its spine, which is the heart of a flower. It may be our spiritual home. " Bozena said.

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