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What flowers and plants repel mosquitoes? What are the indoor mosquito repellent plants

(the above picture shows five color plum)

What flowers and plants repel mosquitoes, what indoor mosquito repellent plants have, which plants have good mosquito repellent effect?

As soon as the weather is hot, mosquitoes will come, especially when some flowers and plants are raised at home, which is also very attractive to mosquitoes. But it is impossible for a friend who loves to raise flowers not to raise flowers. Is there any method that can not only repel and repel mosquitoes, but also has good effect, environmental protection and green? In fact, some plants have the function of mosquito repellent, but also can beautify the environment, pleasant feelings. These plants rely on leaves or flowers to send out a special smell to drive away mosquitoes. Here are some common mosquito repellent plants to share with you.

1. Jasmine: the fragrance of jasmine is strong, and mosquitoes can be avoided indoors in summer.

2. Rhododendron: it has certain toxicity. Mosquitoes are afraid to approach.

3. Marigold: there is a strong nose odor, mosquitoes dare not approach it, is a special excellent natural insect repellent.

4. Pyrethrum: Flowers contain pyrethroids, which can kill mosquitoes.

5. Mint: with a special fragrance, mosquitoes will be dizzy. After the mosquito bites the insect, with its leaf boils the water to apply, has the cooling antiphlogistic and antipruritic effect.

6. Qilixiang: This is a small evergreen shrub with umbrella shaped shape, many branches and close branches. The leaves are small and bright, and the flowers are white and dense. After the flowers, they can also bear red berries. The often pruned plant type is beautiful and generous, which can increase the beauty of the humble house. The leaves have strong pungent and sweet fragrance, and the mosquito repellent effect is very good.

7. Cordyceps: a kind of Compositae herb, which can grow up to one meter high with small yellow flowers. There are hundreds of flower heads in one plant. The external bracts of each flower head have mucus, just like five extended small fingers. It is very interesting that as long as a small mosquito falls on it, it will be stuck. After that, the body of the insect will be slowly digested as the nutrition for its growth. If there is dust sticking on it, it will be digested after a few days No trace of shadow, potted plants placed at home to catch mosquitoes and dust.

8. Zhumeimei: its branches, leaves and flowers emit a sensitive smell of mosquitoes and flies, which has a strong effect of expelling mosquitoes and flies without any harm to human body. It not only expels mosquitoes and flies, but also has beautiful colors. The flowers are red, yellow and white. The flowers are often yellow or pink at first, then orange or orange red gradually, and finally red. Therefore, it gets the reputation of "seven changes from mosquito repellent" to "flower". It is placed by the window and is pleasing to the eyes.

9. Evening primrose: mosquitoes are afraid of the strong smell of Noctiluca odora. If placed indoors, the fragrance of flowers can naturally have the effect of repelling mosquitoes. However, if you have heard it for a long time, it may cause discomfort because it is too strong. Therefore, it is recommended to move the potted flowers outdoors during the day.

10. Mosquito repellent: the mosquito repellent herb has the fragrance of lemon. If it is kept in the house, the mosquitoes will escape quietly like escaping from the plague The reason is that mosquito repellent grass contains a special "small raw material". The product adopts transgenic technology, and the citronellal gene structure with mosquito repellent gene is implanted into "vanilla", and its unique release system is used as a carrier to continuously release citronellal into the air. At the same time, the plant gene structure which contains the function of fresh smell and air purification is implanted to form a "natural evaporator", thus the fragrance is overflowing. Especially in hot summer, it will be refreshing and refreshing. Through authoritative test, it has good repellent effect, harmless to human and livestock, and can repel hundreds of mosquito species.

11. Five color plum: the branches, leaves and flowers of the five color plum emit a sensitive smell of mosquitoes and flies, which has a strong effect of expelling mosquitoes and flies, but the smell has no harm to human body. It not only has good effect of expelling mosquitoes and flies, but also has gorgeous and changeable colors. It has the reputation of "expelling mosquitoes and changing flowers", and has the dual functions of expelling mosquitoes and beautifying the courtyard.

Note: when you use flowers to repel mosquitoes, you should also pay attention to the subtle toxicity of some flowers themselves, pay attention to prevention and careful operation.