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Effect and function of Auricularia auricula: wet phlegm cough, loose stool should not be taken

White fungus is also called Tremella fuciformis. It is not only delicious, but also gives people a feeling of tonic after making soup. Xiaobian often makes some white fungus as a snack. Especially in the hot summer, a bowl of iced white fungus can bring you a chill. Since white fungus is so delicious, what are its functions and functions? You must want to know. So let's read on^_^

Functions of Tremella fuciformis and Auricularia auricula: Ingredients: protein, fat, crude fiber, calcium, sulfur, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, potassium, sodium, vitamin B, and anti-tumor polysaccharides (a, B, c) including xylose, fucose, mannose, glucuronic acid, glucose, etc.

Taste: sweet, light, flat, non-toxic.

Meridian: lung, stomach and kidney.

Efficacy: Nourishing Yin, moistening lung, nourishing stomach and promoting body fluid. Treatment of asthenia, cough, phlegm with blood, deficiency heat thirst. Qingfei Huatan, Yangyin Shengjin, Runchang hemostasis. It is used for cough with lung heat, expectoration with blood, epistaxis, metrorrhagia and leakage, dry throat and thirst, dry heat of gastrointestinal tract, palpitation and insomnia. The role of Auricularia auricula: cancer prevention effect: Auricularia auricula is rich in minerals, rich in selenium is one of them. Selenium has a good anti-cancer effect. Studies have found that cancer patients are seriously lack of selenium in the blood, and white fungus also contains special polysaccharide compounds, these nutrients can prevent the nitration of carcinogens in our body, so often eat white fungus has a significant effect on the prevention of cancer oh.

Skin care and beauty: Auricularia auricula is rich in a large amount of plant gum, and the composition of these colloids is similar to the mucin of our skin, so long-term consumption of Auricularia auricula can make our skin more moist and smooth. And the reason why Auricularia auricula is colorless is that Auricularia auricula contains certain pigment desalination ingredients, so after we eat Auricularia auricula, these pigment desalination ingredients will directly act on our skin, make our skin become more white, and have a good treatment and prevention effect on freckles and chloasma.

Maintain the intestinal tract and promote digestion: white fungus is rich in dietary fiber, which can promote the peristalsis of our intestinal tract, so as to make our defecation more smooth, at the same time, the defecation cycle is also greatly shortened, especially for the treatment of constipation, dyspepsia and so on. Edible white fungus with honey can achieve an immediate effect. Auricularia auricula can not only relieve constipation, but also stop diarrhea. Because Auricularia auricula is rich in plant gum, which has certain inhibitory effect on abnormal gastrointestinal peristalsis, so Auricularia can be said to be our intestinal guard.

Reduce blood pressure: research found that white fungus rich in minerals and alkaloids, edible white fungus can achieve the treatment of tracheitis, reduce blood pressure, prevent arteriosclerosis effect. Moreover, the effect of Auricularia auricula is also very mild. Unlike ginseng, bird's nest, these tonics are so strong that they are very suitable for the old, weak, women and children who can't afford to take the tonic.

nutritive value:

(1) White fungus contains protein, fat and a variety of amino acids, minerals and liver sugar.

(2) The protein of Tremella fuciformis contains 17 kinds of amino acids, and 3 / 4 of the essential amino acids of human body can be provided by Tremella fuciformis.

(3) Tremella also contains a variety of minerals, such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, sodium; magnesium, sulfur, etc., of which the content of calcium and iron is very high, in each hundred grams of tremella, it contains 643 mg of calcium and 30.4 mg of iron.

(4) Tremella fuciformis also contains trehalose, pentose, mannitol and other liver sugar, which has high nutritional value and has the function of strengthening the body and strengthening the body. It is a kind of advanced nourishing tonic.

(5) Auricularia auricula can improve liver detoxification ability and protect liver.

(6) Tremella fuciformis has certain curative effect on senile chronic bronchitis and pulmonary heart disease.

(7) Auricularia auricula is rich in vitamin D, which can prevent the loss of calcium, which is very beneficial to the growth and development; because it is rich in selenium and other trace elements, it can enhance the body's anti-tumor immunity.

(8) Auricularia auricula can also enhance the tolerance of tumor patients to radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

(9) Auricularia auricula is rich in natural plant gum, which has good protective effect on skin.

(10) The dietary fiber in white fungus can help gastrointestinal peristalsis, reduce fat absorption, so as to achieve the effect of weight loss.

(11) The active ingredient of Auricularia auricula is acidic polysaccharide.

(12) Auricularia auricula has the functions of strengthening essence, tonifying kidney, moistening intestines, benefiting stomach, tonifying Qi, harmonizing blood, strengthening heart, strengthening body, tonifying brain, refreshing, beautifying, rejuvenating and prolonging life.

(13) Because the Auricularia auricula contains a large amount of water, its volume expands ten times after absorbing water, which has a good catharsis effect.

Cautions of white fungus and white fungus: 1. Eating taboo: wet phlegm cough, loose stool, should not be taken.

2. Edible note: deteriorated Tremella can not be eaten to prevent poisoning. The metamorphosed dried Tremella is burnt yellow or greenish brown, not bright, the flower shape is thin and weak, fragile, there are black spots or orange red patches on the pedicel, sticky after blister, with peculiar smell. In addition, where the surface of villous dry products there is the risk of mold. Tremella fuciformis poisoning is caused by the external toxin of Flavobacterium. Flavobacterium exotoxin has serious damage to human brain, liver and kidney. When poisoning is found after eating, the light can use licorice 30 g, mung bean 60 g, Imperata root 30 g, decocted in water, to cure degree; severe should be hospitalized symptomatic treatment; Tremella fuciformis should not be eaten overnight to prevent poisoning. Both Tremella fuciformis and Tremella fuciformis cultivated in the open-air contain more nitrate. If the tremella is stored for a long time after cooking, the nitrate will be reduced to nitrite under the decomposition of bacteria. If you drink the tremella soup overnight, nitrite will enter the blood circulation, so that the normal hemoglobin in the human body is oxidized to methemoglobin, thus losing the ability to carry oxygen, causing poisoning and a series of symptoms of enterogenous cyanosis. So don't drink tremella soup overnight.

Knowledge expansion of white snow white fungus and white fungus: 1

(1) White fungus and red date soup: wash white fungus, remove stem, soak in water and put it into a stew pot; wash and prepare wolfberry and red jujube, then remove the core of red jujube, and put it down when white fungus is boiling until it is almost thick; put rock sugar into it after all the sticky state, and then you can drink it beautifully after melting.

(2) Rice cooker convenient cooking white fungus wolfberry soup: white fungus half day ahead of time with water bubble hair, wolfberry is also. Add cold water to the pot, put white fungus and medlar. The water for soaking materials is not needed. Please pour it out. The best way to make rice cookers is to cook porridge and soup, which is usually two hours. You can put more water into it. Check it after an hour and a half. If you feel good, you can turn off the rice cooker and add rock sugar according to the sweetness you like. After stirring, the waste heat is used to stew. When it is cool, it can be put into a sealed container and put in the refrigerator.

(3) Papaya and Tremella jobI soup: papaya 100g, job's tears 50g, tremella 5g. Methods: wash job's tears and soak them in water for 2 hours; soak dried Tremella fuciformis in water and then wash them, remove the roots and tear them into small pieces; peel and seed papaya and cut them into hobs; put the soaked Coix and Tremella into a casserole, boil them over a high fire and simmer for 1 hour until the job's tears and Tremella are soft and rotten; then put the cut papaya in and continue to stew.

(4) Hawthorn and Tremella congee: 10 grams of hawthorn, 10 grams of tremella, 100 grams of rice, 50 grams of rock sugar. Practice: wash hawthorn, seed, slice, white fungus hair thoroughly, remove the root, tear into petals; rice washing clean. Put the rice, hawthorn and Tremella in the rice cooker, add rock sugar and water, and cook it as usual.

2. Purchase guide:

(1) Look, good quality of tremella, ear flower is big and loose, ear flesh is fat, color is white or slightly yellow. Grade 1: the ear piece is bright white, only slightly yellow, shiny, the flower is generally light and loose, the flesh is thick, tough and elastic, and the pedicel has no ear feet, black spots, no impurities, etc. After soaking in water, the expansion rate of dry ear can reach more than 15 times. Grade II: the ear is white with a slight beige color. The flower is loose and glossy. The flesh is thick and elastic. The small flower should not exceed 10% - 15%. The pedicel is slightly with ear foot. After soaking in water, the expansion rate of dry ear is more than 12 times.

(2) Touch, good quality Tremella should be dry, no sense of moisture.

(3) Taste, good quality Tremella should have no peculiar smell. A little taste can be taken when purchasing. If it has irritating or pungent feeling to the tongue, it is proved that the tremella fuciformis is made by fumigation with sulfur.

(4) Smell, quality fresh tremella, should be free of acid, odor, odor, etc. The longer the storage time, not only the color will gradually turn yellow, but also due to the denaturation of protein and fat components, there will be acid gas or other unpleasant odor. If you can smell sour or other smell, you can't eat any more.

3. The technique of Tremella fuciformis hair: soak Tremella in cold water for 1 to 1.5 hours (warm water is available in winter), and then clean and clean the dirt. Don't soak tremella and it will change a lot, so please soak your hair according to the amount of food you eat. The best time to eat tremella fuciformis is to eat on the same day after boiling, but the so-called tremella soup overnight will reduce its camp and produce harmful ingredients nitrite. It is rumored that the shell net has been made I've had a special rumor refutation.

Tremella soup in sunny afternoon