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Can the tiger skin orchid blossom

Hupei orchid can blossom, but it is rare to see a flower in it, and not every plant will blossom. Moreover, it doesn't bloom every year. It may bloom only once in a few years, or even once in more than ten years. If you want to see it bloom, you should have enough patience and perseverance.

Its flowers are racemes, white to light green, with a sweet and elegant fragrance, which can be used for detoxification; the flowering period is in spring and summer. In order to make it grow healthily and even blossom, the following problems should be paid attention to

1. Light: the requirement of light is not very strict. It is resistant to sunlight and half shade. However, if the light is insufficient for a long time, it will stop growing. If the plant is in the shade, don't suddenly move it into the sun. The correct way is to gradually increase the amount of light, let it have a process of adaptation, and finally can be placed in the sunny place, otherwise, like human skin, its leaves will appear many burn marks, affecting the beauty.

2. Water: we must grasp the principle of "do not dry do not water", especially in winter, at least half of the basin soil is dry before watering. Otherwise, too much watering will rot the roots and break the whole plant.

3. The most suitable temperature for the plants from South Africa is 27 ℃ to 20 ℃. In winter, the temperature must not be lower than 5 degrees Celsius, otherwise the leaves are easy to fester after frostbite and the whole plant will die.

4. Basin soil: the soil with good water permeability can be planted with sandy loam mixed with part of humus soil.

5. Fertilizer: the requirement of fertilizer is not high, the general NPK compound fertilizer can meet the needs of growth.

In the hot summer, when it grows vigorously, the application of a thin "flower watching" fertilizer once every two weeks can promote the flowering of the plant. The flowers in the form of panicle are drawn out from the leaves, showing a light green or green color, which is in contrast with the straight stems and leaves.