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How can moss be raised? How can moss be raised

Moss is commonly known as moss. Bryophytes are not uncommon around people's lives. They are loved by more and more flowers because of their green and delicate appearance. Perhaps because of this widespread, more and more people transplant bryophytes into the home space, making it more close to nature. So how to grow moss? How can we raise it well? Let's learn how to grow mosses.

Bryophytes are a group of very unique plants, most of which grow in warm, high humidity environment. There are two key words for moss Cultivation: moist and cool. To keep them well, we should follow their habits.

1. Growth habits: moss is not suitable for growth in the dark, it needs a certain scattered light or semi shade environment, the most important thing is like humid environment, especially not resistant to drought and dry.

2. Environmental requirements: its best living environment is outdoor or close to the outdoor environment, the best is the southeast of the half shade and half sun. Small environment, stable climate, certain humidity, ventilation, moderate light, morning dew and weak sunshine are moss people's favorite. If you want moss to grow well, you must give it a certain amount of sunlight, but it is better to give it weak scattered light rather than direct strong sunlight, for example, to let the moss enjoy the "sunbathing" in the morning.

3. Watering: spray water several times a day (depending on air humidity) and keep the relative humidity of air above 80%. For moss, in addition to replenishing water, it can also take away the waste materials accumulated in the soil, making the soil cleaner. Every time the water is poured through, the excess water will be discharged from the drain hole.

4. Basin soil: the potted Yuanbao tree should always keep the basin soil moist, but there should be no ponding. The relative humidity of the environment should be kept above 80%, so as to keep the basin soil moist.

5. Soil: General garden soil can be used, but also acid soil can be used. In order to increase the planting area, air permeability and water permeability, the basin soil is mound like in the basin.

6. Fertilization: generally do not need fertilization, of course, you can also water very thin fertilizer.

7. Temperature: the temperature should not be lower than 22 ℃, and it is better to keep it above 25 ℃.