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How to plant Qilixiang and how to plant it

It is an evergreen shrub or small tree of Rutaceae, distributed in southern China. Qilixiang has five petals of small white flowers, umbels, terminal or axillary. Its flowering period is from June to November. So how do you grow Qilixiang? Today, let's take a look at the planting method of Qilixiang.

1. Accelerating germination

Soak the seeds in warm hot water (about the same temperature as the wash water) for 12-24 hours until the seeds absorb water and swell. For very common seeds that germinate easily, this work can be omitted.

2. Sowing

For the small seeds that are difficult to pick up by hand or other tools, one end of the toothpick can be wet with water, and the seeds can be glued to the surface of the substrate one by one, covering the substrate by one centimeter. Then put the flowerpot into the water, the depth of the water is 1 / 2 ~ 2 / 3 of the height of the flowerpot, and let the water slowly soak up (this method is called "pot leaching method").

For the larger seeds that can be picked up by hand or other tools, the seeds are directly put into the substrate and seeded at the spacing of 3 × 5cm. After sowing, the substrate was covered with 2-3 times of seed grain. After seeding, spray SERS and small hole sprinklers can be used to wet the sowing matrix. Later, when the soil is drier, the water should be sprinkled again.

3. Management

After sowing in late autumn, early spring or winter, when encountering cold wave and low temperature, plastic film can be used to wrap huaqilixiang basin for heat preservation and moisture preservation; after the seedlings are unearthed, the film should be opened in time, and before 9:30 in the morning or 3:30 in the afternoon After that, let the seedlings receive the sunlight, otherwise the seedlings will grow very weak; after most of the seeds come out, it is necessary to plant them properly: pull out the diseased and unhealthy seedlings, so that there is a certain space between the remaining seedlings; when most of the seedlings grow three or more leaves, they can be transplanted.

4. Others

Qilixiang can also be used for cutting, but it is generally used in the late spring and early autumn to carry out softwood cutting with the branches of the same year, or the old branches of the previous year in early spring.