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Citron price: introduction of citron price and extended knowledge

Citron is often regarded as an auspicious tree. Its fruit is as round as gold, and its leaf is like jadeite cut. It is an essential tree in every family's courtyard in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. Do you know the price of citron? Let's take you to know the price of citron tree:

Citron tree price of citron

Citron price

Warm tips: the above price is for reference only, and the specific price shall be subject to negotiation with the merchant. Main value of citron tree [edible value]

In the courtyard of Bai, Yi, Naxi and other ethnic minority families in Southwest Yunnan, citron is used as a greening tree. When the citrus fruit is picked, it is simply processed, boiled with sugar, and then preserved for one or two years. It is a fine dessert for local people to entertain guests at weddings, funerals and banquets.

[medicinal value]

Citron is a traditional Chinese medicine. It is used in the fruit part. The dried fruit has a clear aroma, slightly bitter and slightly sweet, warm in nature and non-toxic. Regulating qi and relieving phlegm. The following are the specific medicinal effects:

1. To cure stomach distension and pain: slice citron, dry in ventilated place, marinate with proper amount of salt and put it into glass bottle or porcelain jar for standby. Each time 10-20 grams, with boiling water to salt, suitable for the degree to take.

2. Treatment of phlegm dampness cough, asthma: 1-2 pieces of fresh citron, chopped into pieces in a covered bowl, adding the same amount of maltose, steaming for several hours, with citron as the degree of rarefaction, take 1 spoonful each time in the morning and evening.

3. Treatment of liver stomach disharmony, epigastric distension pain, vomiting, less food: citron 10 g, tangerine peel 10 g, Xiangfu 10 g, decoction, 2-3 times a day.

4. Treatment of phlegm cough, chest diaphragm adverse: citron 10 g, famia 10 g, Poria cocos 15 g, ginger 3 tablets, decoction, 2-3 times a day.

Citron fruit medicinal materials expand knowledge - when does citron tree bear fruit? Generally, citron will bear fruit in 3-5 years.

The flower, fruit and leaf of citron tree can extract aromatic oil, flower and tender leaf can smoke tea, and fruit can be made into Xiangyuan dew. The oil extracted from fresh leaves has been applied to cigarettes, mosquito repellent incense, fresheners and other products to increase the aroma and improve the quality of aroma. In addition, the fresh fruit is rich in vitamins and citric acid. It is a good product for the development of cool fruit beverage.

Citron fruit (this is not lemon ~)