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The efficacy and function of green olive: avoid tobacco, wine, spicy, fishy and other food

Green olive is also known as green fruit. When the cause and effect is still green, it can be eaten fresh and named. Its taste is excellent. In addition, it has many functions. What's the effect of green olive? What are the functions of green olives? Yes, you must want to know. So let's read on^_^

Green olive green olive efficacy: Ingredients: the main ingredients are protein, fat, carbohydrate, dietary fiber, vitamin A, carotene, thiamine, riboflavin, nicotinic acid and vitamins.

Taste: astringent, sour, sweet and smooth.

Meridian: into the lung, stomach meridian.

Efficacy: clearing lung, clearing throat, promoting fluid production, detoxification; mainly for sore throat, thirst, cough, hematemesis, bacillary dysentery, epilepsy, detoxification of river intestinal and alcohol poisoning. The function of green olive: 1. Green olive and green olive oil have the function of preventing and treating heart disease, gastric ulcer and protecting gallbladder.

2. Pregnant women and lactation eat green fruit, on the baby's brain development has an obvious role in promoting, can make the baby smart.

3. Modern medical research found that intake of calcium rich substances can reduce the risk of colon and rectal cancer. Green olive has high calcium content, and the ratio of calcium to phosphorus is far greater than 2. It is often eaten. There is enough calcium in human body that can combine with fatty acid and bile acid to form insoluble compounds, which can be excreted from the body to reduce the carcinogenic effect of intestinal tract.

4. Treatment of cold asthma, allergic asthma: Wild Holly olive 20 grains (about 5g), the end of grinding, broth delivery, three times a day; or with one or two stewed meat, six times a day, three times a day.

5. Treatment of asthma, tuberculosis: Wild Holly olive sun.

6. Injection of water extract had significant and lasting hypoglycemic effect, oral administration had no effect, and bark extract had no hypoglycemic effect.

The green olive on the tree: 1, green olive medication, the first appearance of syndrome with caution.

2. Eat green olives to avoid alcohol and tobacco, at the same time spicy, fishy food is not edible.

3. When eating green olive stewed pig heart, it is not suitable to eat warm tonic Chinese medicine at the same time, because it will affect the efficacy of green olive stewed pig heart.

4. If pregnant women want to eat green olive stewed pig heart, must consult the doctor, see their own system and fit.

Wash the green olive green olive knowledge expansion: 1, buy green olive to choose those big, small and juicy side for the top grade.

2. The olive with yellow color and black spots indicates that it is not fresh. Wash it with water before eating.

3. If the olive fruit with special green color on the market does not have a bit of yellow, it indicates that it has been soaked in alum water for a good look. It is better not to eat it or rinse it when eating it.