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How to distinguish between rouge and Raul (attached picture): LUOQI is easier to be out of state tha

The difference between rouge and Raul has always been a hot topic. In fact, the varieties of LUOQI and Raul are kinship. It can also be said that LUOQI is the preferred Raul. In South Korea, their names are the same, so there is a great controversy. Some people even say that LUOQI is out of condition Raul. Are they different? If not, how to distinguish them? Here is a flower friend's experience on how to distinguish between them.

How to distinguish the fleshy LUOQI from the Shanghai people of Raul Huayou? Since entering the pit in May 2015, Luo Qi was discovered not long ago. He liked the red, red, yellow and yellow jelly color. Unfortunately, the first two plants I bought were Raul, and I didn't buy the real LUOQI until August, but I have been looking for the difference between them.

Now many sellers, including South Korea, sell Raul as LUOQI, but when they sell real LUOQI, you will find the price will be more expensive, or call the real LUOQI Wan Ye Luo Qi, Wan Ye jelly Luo Qi.

The most obvious differences between rouge and Raul are as follows:

1、 The smell of Raul is very obvious, while that of Roche is not.

2、 Raul flower type is particularly large, leaves are particularly many, the bottom of the branches also like to explode more than a small head, while Luo Qi is a basic branch one head, the leaf shape is very delicate, not a big lump one head, the bottom of the branch also rarely small head.

3、 Raul is usually dead green or dead green when the temperature is high. LUOQI is yellow and green with clear jelly, so it turns red when the temperature difference increases (while Raul turns yellow and slightly red around the leaves), that is to say, LUOQI is more likely to be out of state than Raul!

Luo Qi

Bought in mid August this year:

(Luo Qi) bought it in mid August this year

After only a few days in mid October, the sun immediately turned into a pleasant jelly color, because I had been taking the basin before, LZ is just an ordinary meat lover who has just been in the pit for half a year. It's not a God. She just moved out for a few days, and then the temperature difference in autumn increased, so she turned into this lovely image. This shows that this state is completely caused by Luo Qi's own excellent genes (Raul is also in the sun, at present, a few leaves turn dark red)

That's what happened in October

Let's take a look at my Raul

Raul 1

Bought in July:

Raul 1

Mid October:

Raul 2 in October

Raul 2

Bought in July:

Raul 2

In the middle of October, it was still dead green, with some red on the edge;

Raul 2 in October

From the state of these two Raul, we can see that I am an ordinary meat lover. With the same maintenance, Luo Qi easily appears the state jelly color, which can be said to be caused by her excellent genes

Of course, some meat friends and Korean farms can raise Raul to jelly color (including farm medication). Although Raul is beautiful when it is out of condition, you will find that the yellow and red color is yellow and red, and LUOQI is more transparent jelly color. Of course, Korean farms are very powerful. Even Raul can grow a jelly color similar to Roche, but I highly suspect that it is caused by drugs. The color will fade soon when you buy it home. The better way to judge is to look at the leaf shape. If the leaf shape is large and dense, it is a big "flower", which is basically no doubt.

Since it's not easy to distinguish, we might as well be conservative and buy one with small leaf shape and no explosion. Then the summer state is not dead green, but more transparent yellow green. Hope that the above method can help you distinguish Raul and LUOQI, not that Raul is bad, but what we should avoid is to buy Raul at the price of Roche.