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The cultivation method of Pelargonium (flower friend experience): it is necessary to pick the heart

Geranium, its leaf margin is more serrated, leaf surface has deep annular stripes. Corolla usually five petal, inflorescence umbelliform, long in erect pedicel tip. Due to the dense flowers such as the ball, it is also known as foreign hydrangea. The color of the flower is red, white, pink and purple. It can be potted indoors and outdoors. It can also be used for spring flower bed. Each of you has his own experience in raising Geranium. Today, let's take a look at the breeding experience of a senior flower friend~

1. Huayou's family is located in the area of Jiangsu and Zhejiang, with the balcony on the third floor. The highest temperature in summer is usually 35-40 degrees, lasting for a month and a half, and the lowest temperature in winter is - 3-7 degrees.

2. Medium, Dahan or Pinker's Peat perlite proportion randomly drop, base fertilizer, fermented pig manure, liquid fertilizer, must bloom, when watering, mixed with a little, sometimes some AOLV granular fertilizer.

3. During the summer, the principle of "thoroughly dry and thoroughly poured" is implemented. Of course, it is not to wait until it is completely dry, but to pour it thoroughly when the basin is light. Generally, it is watered 2-3 times. Because the water poured in the first time basically drips light. Pour it several times more to ensure that the soil completely absorbs water. In summer, when the temperature is high, it is located in the Beiyang terrace. Because it is the third floor, the ventilation is good. In addition, there is a canopy on it. In general, it will not get rained except during thunderstorms. (in summer, it is basically ventilation, shelter from rain, less watering, and ventilation of soil). There is also in the summer before the pot can not be big, this year is because of greed, leading to a few big pot dead. There is my north balcony after 2 pm, the sun is basically direct, so the temperature is not low, the temperature is basically above 37 degrees, even 38 degrees - 40 degrees. Or in the case of sunshade nets.


4. It is necessary to back up the seedlings before summer, and the seedlings should be prepared early. It is better to prepare them before May. It is afraid that the seedlings in June will not be able to endure the hot summer. Stop fertilizing in summer. A slow release fertilizer will be applied before summer.

5. In the peak growing season, it is necessary to remove the heart of Geranium before pregnancy. Generally, you don't have to worry about it in March. May is the flowering season.

6. You can't fix it too hard. It's going to be summer soon. If you cut too much, it's easy to wither. It's safer to repair it in autumn.


Expanding knowledge - the value of Geranium: 1. Medicinal value

The smell is sweet and slightly heavy, a bit like rose, and a little bit like mint.

Historical clinical records: it has been used to treat cholera and bone injuries, and has the effect of exorcism.

Efficacy: hemostasis, vasoconstriction, asthma, liver detoxification, gallstones, kidney detoxification, kidney stones, diuresis, muscle soreness, oily skin, aging skin activation, herpes, skin pale, weight loss, promoting scar formation, eczema, burns, sunburn, ringworm, irregular menstruation, breast congestion and inflammation, relieving melancholy and restlessness, driving away demons, tonifying the body, deodorizing, antibacterial, sterilization, smoking cessation ﹞。

Caution: may cause irritation to some sensitive skin. It can regulate hormones, so it's better not to use them during pregnancy.

1. Psychological effect

Geranium is the tonic of nervous system, can calm anxiety, depression, can also boost mood. It restores mental balance, and because it also affects the adrenal cortex, it relieves stress.

2. Physiological effect

1) Pelargonium essential oil can stimulate the lymphatic system and diuresis. The two functions can enhance each other and help the body quickly and effectively remove excess body fluid. It can be used to treat cellulitis, fluid stagnation and ankle edema; it can help liver and kidney detoxification; it can also treat jaundice, kidney stones and a variety of urinary tract infections; it can also help many women reduce the symptoms of premenstrual fluid retention.

2) Geranium essential oil has the function of purifying mucosal tissue, and can reduce the discomfort of gastroenteritis.

3) Pelargonium essential oil can effectively kill bacteria in the mouth and throat, so it can be added to throat gargles and mouthwashes in case of sore throat, sore throat and gingival infection.

4) Improve premenstrual syndrome and menopause.

5) Geranium is an aromatic insect repellent.

Potted Pelargonium

2、 Beauty value

Geranium is suitable for all kinds of skin conditions because it can balance sebum secretion and make skin plump. May be beneficial to eczema, burns, herpes zoster, herpes, ringworm and chilblain. It is also good for loose, blocked pores and oily skin. It can be called a comprehensive cleansing oil. Because Geranium can promote blood circulation, it can make pale skin more ruddy and energetic after use. It can stimulate the lymphatic system and strengthen the circulatory system.

1. Use of pure essential oil

It can be used to treat facial blisters effectively. It can stimulate the lymphatic system and strengthen the circulatory system. It is also helpful for gastritis and colitis.

Compatibility: the essential oils suitable for blending are basil, bergamot, cedar, sage, grapefruit, jasmine, lavender, orange flower, sweet orange, bitter orange leaf, rose, rosemary and sandalwood. Chamomile strengthens its therapeutic effect. Juniper can enhance its sweet taste.

2. Hypnotic formula

Geranium, grapefruit, lavender mixed in accordance with a specific ratio, dropped on the pillow, will be the most magical sleep soothing magic essential oil, not only has a soothing effect, and can drive away any mosquito that will hinder your sleep, its fragrance can bring you a good dream! Geranium particles can cause skin irritation and itching.

Caution: may irritate the skin, avoid using pure agent on the skin. Can regulate hormones, not during pregnancy.

3、 Ornamental value

Pelargonium has strong adaptability, bright color and long flowering period. It is suitable for indoor display and flower bed arrangement.