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How to prune bamboos: detailed pruning group

The bamboo is easy to grow and can be kept for a long time, but its buds sometimes grow longer and longer, or the stem of the bamboo is invaded by bacteria, so it needs to be pruned and replanted. Because a lot of people do not know how to prune Fugui bamboo, the following by the small to introduce the pruning method of hydroponic Fugui bamboo. Pruning methods of Phyllostachys heterocycla

Before pruning

1. The buds of Fugui bamboo are very long, almost longer than the original bamboo, so they need to be pruned.

2. Pruning requires a gardening scissor (or other sharp knife can also be used), potassium permanganate (general pharmacies can sell, 1 yuan / bag, add a little bit when using it).

3. The cutting position should be about 0.5cm away from the mother plant.

Pruning position of Phyllostachys odoratum

Pruning of rich bamboo

4. Dry the incision, and then put it into the appropriate amount of potassium permanganate solution for disinfection and soaking for about 30 minutes to prevent the incision from infection.

The incisions were soaked in potassium permanganate solution 5. The incisions were treated with potassium permanganate solution.

Appearance of Phyllostachys odoratum after treatment with potassium permanganate solution

6. Finally, re insert the vase for maintenance.

After pruning, put back the vase again. Notes after pruning: 1. Hydroponics likes to rot water, so it is not suitable to change water after rooting. Water can only be added in time after water evaporation is reduced. If water is often changed, it is easy to cause withering of yellow branches. In order to prevent its overgrowth, do not apply chemical fertilizer, it is better to inject a few drops of brandy into the bottle every 3 weeks or so, and add a small amount of nutrient solution to keep the leaves green.

2. After soil culture rooting, a small amount of compound chemical fertilizer should be applied in time, then the branches will grow strong and the leaves will be green. Compound fertilizer can be applied once a month in spring and autumn.