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Cultivation methods and precautions of Cherry Blossom

Cherry blossoms are delicate and fragrant, and are often used for garden appreciation. Cherry blossoms can be used as sushi, and leaves can also be processed into pickles. Cherry blossom is regarded as the symbol of spring, and is welcomed and loved by people all over the world. So how are cherry blossoms cultivated? What good method is there in breeding? What should we pay attention to in breeding cherry blossom? Please read with me with questions!

Breeding method of cherry blossom in full bloom (basic knowledge): the best breeding time: cherry blossoms usually breed in spring or late autumn.

The best growing soil: cherry blossom is not strict with soil requirements, so it should grow in loose and fertile sandy loam with good drainage, but it is not resistant to saline alkali soil.

Growth humidity requirements: cherry blossom is drought resistant and needs no watering. It can be watered once a year from February to March.

The best growth temperature: cherry blossom is a temperate and subtropical tree species with certain cold resistance. Cherry blossoms like to be warm, but also more resistant to cold. In winter, cherry blossoms will blossom earlier if they are moved indoors to keep warm.

The best growth light: Cherry Blossom likes sunshine, suitable for planting in the sunny place.

Notes on Cultivation of pink cherry blossom: fertilize Cherry Blossom twice a year, and acid fertilizer is better. One is winter fertilizer, in winter or early spring, organic fertilizer such as bean cake, chicken manure and rotten fertilizer is applied; the other is quick acting fertilizer such as ammonium sulfate, ferrous sulfate, calcium superphosphate after falling flowers.

Key points of watering: after planting cherry trees are easy to suffer from drought. In addition to sufficient irrigation during planting, irrigation should be conducted once every 8-10 days to keep the soil moist but without water accumulation. After irrigation, the soil should be loosened in time. It is better to cover the surface with grass to reduce water evaporation. In 2-3 years after planting, straw can be used to prevent trunk from drying. However, after 2 to 3 years, the seedlings grow new roots, and their adaptability to the environment is gradually enhanced, so it is unnecessary to pack grass.

Pruning Essentials: pruning of cherry is mainly to cut off withered branches, long branches, overlapping branches and disease and insect branches. In addition, when many branches grow on the trunk of cherry blossom, some strong growing branches should be reserved, and the rest should be cut off from the base to facilitate ventilation and light transmission. The pruned branches should be disinfected with medicine in time to prevent the invasion of bacteria after rain, leading to rot. The bark of cherry blossom is easy to be aged and damaged after being exposed to the sun for a long time, resulting in decay. It should be removed and disinfected in time. After that, the rotten parts were wrapped up with rotten leaf soil and carbon powder to promote their normal physiological functions.

Pot soil replacement: cherry blossom in turn before 3 days to 4 days stop watering, so that the basin soil slightly dry. When turning the pot, hold the flowerpot upside down with the left hand, then pat the flowerpot with the right palm, or push the drain hole of the flowerpot with a wooden stick, and the cherry blossom can be pulled out of the flowerpot with soil. The root system of cherry blossoms out of the flowerpot has dense white roots distributed on the edge of the basin soil. The pine fibrous roots are cutted with bamboo cuttings, and most of the old soil is removed, and one third of the old soil is retained and transplanted into the new pot with soil.

Main points of propagation: the main breeding methods are sowing, cutting and grafting.

Sowing: seeds of cherry blossom are sown after harvest and should not be dried. Because the seeds are dormant or stored in sand, they are sown in spring the following year to cultivate seedlings for grafting. Cutting: one year old hardwood is used in spring, and tender branch is used in summer. The cuttings can be treated with NAA, and the seedling bed needs shading, moisture and good ventilation medium to have a high survival rate.

Grafting: because most species of cherry will not bear fruit, single petal cherry (P. pseudocerasus) or mountain cherry can be used as the standing tree, which can be cut in late March or bud grafted in late August. After 3? 4 years of cultivation, it can be planted out of the nursery. Cherry Blossom can also be grafted with high branches. The scion cut off can be inserted into the rootstock by splitting method, wrapped with plastic bags, and covered with plastic bags for thermal protection. The survival rate is high and can be used to replace new varieties.

Pest control: Cherry Blossom should mainly prevent gummosis and rhizobia, as well as aphids, red spiders, scale insects and other pests.

1、 For aphids, red spiders, scale insects and other diseases and insect pests: prevention should be given priority to, spraying three to four times a year, the first before flowering, the second after flowering, the third in July to August.

2、 Porositive brown spot: it occurs from May to June, the leaves appear purple brown dots, and then gradually expand into a round shape. The spots become small holes after drying and shrinking, and the pathogens spend the winter on the diseased branches and leaves. Strengthen the cultivation management, reasonable pruning and pruning, and pay attention to cutting off the diseased shoots, clearing the diseased leaves and burning them in time, so as to create clean growth conditions for the plants. Before the new shoots sprout, spray 3 to 5 Baume When the disease occurs, the mixture can be sprayed with 160 times Bordeaux solution or 50% benalite WP 1000 to 2000 times, or 15% mancozeb 600 times to 800 times.

3、 Leaf blight: yellow green round spots appear on the leaves in summer, then turn brown, scattered black small particles, the diseased leaves die but do not fall off.

Potted cultivation of cherry blossoms hydroponics and soil culture: Hydroponics of cherry blossoms: take no more than 8 cm of cherry seedlings, take them out of the pot directly, and clean the roots slightly in the water, and pay attention not to damage the roots; then start the planting of cherry seedlings, and insert the roots directly from the planting basket hole, and fix them with stones.

Cherry Blossom soil culture: to level the ground, cherry blossom can dig a hole with a diameter of 0.8 m and a depth of 0.6 M. the pit is filled with 10 cm organic fertilizer, and the seedlings are put into the pit to make the roots of the seedlings spread around. After filling, lift up the seedling to make the root deep and firm. The planting depth is about 5cm from the upper layer of the seedling root. After planting, water it, fully irrigate it, and frame it with sticks to prevent it from being blown down by strong wind. Cultivation of Cherry Blossom experience: 1, in winter, we need to fertilize cherry trees, combined with the application of base fertilizer, turn over the soil around the root once, which can increase the root depth, store water and soil moisture, and improve the ground temperature. The dead branches, fallen leaves and weeds in the tree tray should be cleaned up and burned in a centralized way to eliminate overwintering insect and bacterial sources.

2. The water level of cherry blossom in hydroponic culture must be controlled well, which should be low rather than high. It is enough to keep the root system of plants in water, or even less. In such a state, the adaptation period should be maintained for one month, and then the water quantity will be increased gradually. In the process of hydroponics, when water droplets appear on the tip of Cherry Blossom leaves, it is necessary to reduce the water level of water culture appropriately, and pay attention to avoid direct sunlight when the cultivation is just carried out.

3. First of all, change the flowerpot in good condition and keep it safe.