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How to eat jackfruit's core: cooked, fry and soup

The whole body of jackfruit is a treasure. Its nuclear nutritional value is also very high, and it is a pity to lose it. Many friends do not know how to eat jackfruit's core, today we teach you three kinds of jackfruit nuclear method.

Jackfruit's nuclear jackfruit seed eating method is introduced 1, cooked food.

(1) open the pot you need to use, and then boil a pot of water (the amount of water you put into it according to the amount of jackfruit core you need to boil).

(2) put in the core of the washed jackfruit, add a little salt at the same time, and cook it with warm fire.

(3) cook for about a quarter of an hour (love to eat a softer time to cook). Cook the jackfruit kernel and let it cool slightly.

2. Fried food

(1) fry jackfruit core to remove the amount of jackfruit core needed, remove the yellow soft film and clean it with water.

(2) burn a pot of water (the amount of water depends on the number of jackfruit cores you choose).

(3) the jackfruit kernel with yellow soft film will be boiled in water. After boiling, the jackfruit kernel is raised, pour the water in the pot, pour the jackfruit core into the pot again, and stir fry the jackfruit kernel.

(4) after frying, the white shell of jackfruit core can be eaten.

Jackfruit core

3. Cooking soup

Just wash jackfruit's core and put the jackfruit core together in the soup.

Tip: jackfruit kernel is loose and tastes sweet with taro, but jackfruit's core should not be eaten more. Eating will cause dizziness and other uncomfortable symptoms.