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Breeding method of Wheatgrass (simplified version): a simple and easy to use method for wheat seedli

Speaking of wheat grass may be less understood, in fact, we often eat green wheat seedlings! It has a good detoxification effect and significant anti-cancer effect, which is rich in chlorophyll because its composition is similar to blood, so it is called green blood. Next, let's talk about the family planting of wheatgrass, which is simple and easy to use, and the welfare of lazy people

Take a foam box for apples. If not, use a bigger, bigger moon cake box.

The second step is to arrange seeds

After washing the wheat seeds, two or three layers of napkins without fluorescent agent were laid on the bottom of the container. The paper was soaked with water, and the wheat seeds were evenly spread over the bottom of the box;

In order to prevent the water from overflowing on the balcony, put the water on the balcony once a day;

Washing wheat seeds

If the temperature is suitable, the flower seeds will germinate quickly. By the third day, the wheat sprouts will have mold and shape (as shown in the figure below). At this time, the paper covering the surface should be removed to let the buds grow freely, and it is still necessary to change water every day;

Wheat grass germination

The third step is to prepare for harvesting

A week later, as shown in the picture below, it is growing vigorously and luxuriantly; on the eighth day, the harvest can be done (harvest in time, or it will be too old). Squeeze juice, boil water, whatever you like~

Wheatgrass is about to mature

Tip: it is recommended to prepare 7 boxes for continuous planting, one box per day, so that you can harvest and enjoy from the seventh day..... Smart as me, ha ha~