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When to sow Petunia: Petunia is sown in autumn from October to November, and in spring from June to

Petunia is a plant with long sunshine, which requires sufficient sunshine during its growth period. Under normal light conditions, it takes about 100 days from sowing to flowering. Do you know when Petunia is suitable for sowing? The following small series for you to introduce the best sowing time of Petunia.

Petunia hybrida

When to sow Petunia: the best sowing time of Petunia is from October to November in autumn and June to July in spring.

The suitable temperature for germination of dwarf cattle is about 18-25 ℃, and the suitable temperature for growth is 22-34 ℃. Generally, it can germinate in 3-7 days. If the sowing environment of Huayou can not meet this requirement, it is necessary to plant carefully.

Petunia has sprouted

Sowing method of Petunia hybrida

1. Prepare the sowing soil and seedling container according to the basic method in the sowing instructions, and fill the pre wetted sowing soil into the seedling box. [note] since most of the seeds are relatively small, it is necessary to use a relatively fine seedling medium for seeds that are not covered with soil after sowing (such as hexaploid, Petunia, etc.).

2. Spray a little more water on the surface of the wet soil.

3. Put the seed on the surface of the sowing soil and press it gently with the finger pulp to make the seed fully contact with the sowing soil.

4. In a few minutes, the seeds will be saturated.

5. Use the minimum flow of the sprayer to gently flit away.

Prevention and control of diseases and insect pests of Petunia hybrida seedlings: common diseases of Petunia are: white mold, leaf spot, virus disease and aphids.

The control method of white mold was as follows

The diseased leaves were removed in time and 600-800 times 75% chlorothalonil was sprayed in the early stage of the disease.

The control methods of leaf spot disease were as follows

Try to avoid hitting the leaves, and pay attention to prevent wind damage, sunburn and Petunia downy mildew freezing damage; timely remove the diseased leaves and burn them, pay attention to remove the fallen leaves; spray 1000 times of 50% mancozeb solution.

Methods of virus disease prevention and control:

The indirect control method is to spray insecticide to control aphids, spray 1000 times of 40% Omethoate solution, and disinfect the tools and hands that have contacted the diseased plants during cultivation.

Methods of aphid control:

When a large number of aphids are found, they should be timely isolated and sprayed with 1000 times of 10% Omethoate emulsion, 1000 ~ 1500 times of Mala sulfur emulsion, 1000 times of dichlorvos EC or 15000 ~ 20000 times of Gaobo (70% imidacloprid) WG.

Petunia pot