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How to breed Tangfan: like cool, dry and sunny environment

Head full of sea anemone sprouts, the name is very Chinese style, called Tang fan. It is a good body of the genus Rhombomys in the Muscovy family. The triangular spoon with small black spots is its leaves. Of course, the sea anemone is naturally its flower. Is there any plant that grows a sea anemone? Do you know how to breed Tangfan? Read and learn from the editor!

How to breed Tang fan: Tang fan is suitable for maintenance in cool, dry and sunny environment. It is afraid of extreme heat and drought. It likes cold weather and high temperature in summer. It is easy to sleep. Its flowering period is autumn and winter. The flower color is yellow and red. The flowering period of Tang fan is relatively long. The seeds can be harvested by cross pollination.

Tangfan has a strong root system, so it does not need much water. On the contrary, if there is water, it is easy to rot the root. The daily maintenance and watering should be based on the principle of "dry rather than wet". It is worth noting that in summer, when the temperature exceeds 35 degrees, shading is necessary. The seedlings can normally supply water, which can be given once every 15 to 30 days, once a watering, so that they do not sleep thoroughly and sleep completely until autumn It's hard to control when the day wakes up, especially for the small seedlings, and the big ones are easy to wake up. Autumn temperature down, give a water, see the sun will slowly restore vitality.

In winter, they can endure the short-term low temperature of minus 5 degrees, provided that the basin soil is kept as dry as possible. There is no problem that the basin soil is slightly wet at about 0 degrees. It will still bloom in winter. Practice has proved that Tangfan is more resistant to low temperature.

In addition to sowing, Tangfan can also be divided into branches when it is small, and the long tuberous roots can be cut with lateral buds. Whether it is rametting or cutting, the wound must be dried before being put into the pot.

Tang fan

Tang fan's main points of maintenance: a Tang fan resembling Chinese mainland's territory has bloomed three golden yellow flowers, and the delicate flowers are becoming interesting and beautiful with the thick and simple leaves. So how can we raise a good Tangfan? Tangfan is a succulent perennial herb of the genus rhombola in the Muscovy family. It originated in South Africa. It is a winter type species of succulent plants. It has the habit of "growing in cold season and dormant in summer". Autumn, winter and spring are the growth periods, which can be maintained in the sunny place. If the light is not enough, the leaves will be thin and long, and the plant type will be loose and not compact, which will affect the future flowering. The watering master "do not dry, do not pour, water thoroughly", and apply the decomposed thin liquid fertilizer or compound fertilizer once a month.

In winter, the plant can be dormant in the south window sill or Nanyang terrace with sufficient indoor light under the condition of keeping the soil dry. It can tolerate low temperature of 5 ℃ or even short-term temperature above o ℃. If it can be maintained at about 20 ℃ in the daytime and not lower than 10 ℃ at night, it can be watered normally to make it continue to grow. In summer, the growth of Tangfan is stagnant and dormant. It is necessary to control watering, not to rain, not to fertilize, and pay attention to good ventilation to avoid hot and humid environment. All these measures are to prevent the plant from rotting. After the autumn cool, the plants returned to normal management. The method is to separate the clumped plants and air them for about 3 days. After the wounds are dried, they can be planted separately, and can survive with roots or without roots. Don't pour too much water on the plants in the new basin, which looks like the Tang fan in the mainland of China.

Tang fan blossoms