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Price of Dictyophora: the price of fresh Dictyophora in Yunnan is cheaper

Dictyophora is a kind of cryptomycete parasitic on the root of withered bamboo. It is known as "snow skirt Fairy". Since ancient times, it has been listed as one of the "grass eight treasures". Do you know the price? Let's take a look at the price of Dictyophora

Price of fresh Dictyophora indusiata

Price of Dictyophora indusiata

Warm tips: the above price is for reference only, and the specific price shall be subject to negotiation with the merchant. The efficacy of Dictyophora: 1. Dictyophora is rich in various amino acids, vitamins and inorganic salts. It has the effects of nourishing and strengthening, replenishing qi and brain, calming the mind and strengthening the body.

2. Protect the liver. Reduce the accumulation of abdominal wall fat, commonly known as "scraping oil" effect, so as to reduce blood pressure, blood fat and weight loss effect.

3. Increase resistance. Dictyophora Dictyophora can supplement the necessary nutrients of human body and improve the immunity and disease resistance of the body.

4. It can inhibit the occurrence of tumor. The Miao people in Yunnan have a lower risk of cancer, which may be related to their frequent use of Dictyophora and glutinous rice to soak in water. Modern medical research has also proved that Dictyophora contains ingredients that can inhibit tumor.

The nutritional value of Dictyophora indusiata was determined to contain 19.4% protein, 2.6% fat and 60.4% carbohydrate, including 4.2% mycose, 8.4% crude fiber and 9.3% ash. It has health care effect on hypertension, neurasthenia and gastrointestinal diseases. It also has a special antiseptic function. In summer, the vegetables and meat cooked with Dictyophora will not turn sour for many days. How to buy Dictyophora

High quality edible bamboo Sheng is light yellow in color, fragrant in taste, thick in flesh, soft in texture and complete in mushroom. When choosing and purchasing, we should choose the varieties with complete shape, long and uniform mushroom skirt and golden color.

Taibai Dictyophora is usually processed, not natural color.

2. Storage of Dictyophora

Vacuum is the best way to keep it. If it is in bulk, it is recommended to dry it in the sun before preservation. Pay attention not to put it in direct sunlight and hot and humid places. Please eat as soon as possible when opening.

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