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Xianren refers to the cultivation methods and precautions: like loose fertile soil

Fairy refers to (opuntiaceae white sandalwood), is a favorite indoor potted flowers. Buy a pot of robust potted flowers, not only can enjoy the beautiful flowers, but also as indoor potted plants for a long time to watch. The following article introduces the cultivation method of immortal finger.

Beautiful immortal refers to the cultivation method of immortal finger 1, propagation: Immortal refers to the general use of ramets or cuttings for propagation. This genus is very easy to breed and can be picked for cutting with high survival rate. It can also be grafted on the measuring ruler and grow well.

2. Soil: it likes loose and fertile soil. It grows poorly in cohesive soil. 20-30% river sand should be mixed into basin soil.

3. On the pot: when the pot to trim the dead roots and long roots, wait for the roots to dry before planting in the basin.

4. Environment: This is a strong nature, easy to cultivate, like a sunny, well ventilated environment.

5. Watering: the basin soil should be dry and wet during management, and too much water is easy to rot. It can be watered sufficiently in growing season. During the dormancy period of low temperature in winter, the basin soil should be kept dry.

6. Temperature: it can withstand 1 ~ 2 ℃ low temperature. In the hot season of midsummer, proper sunshade and ventilation should be paid attention to in order to prevent the harm of red spider.

7. Light: sex like sunshine, should be given light throughout the year, otherwise branches and stems will become thin, less flowering, short flowering period, ornamental value greatly reduced. When the sun is strong in summer. It can be properly shaded to avoid withering of stem segment.

Xianren refers to the notes of flower breeding immortal finger 1. Winter needs to be frozen and dormant for a stage, it is difficult to blossom without dormancy.

2. Since the Mid Autumn Festival, phosphorus and potassium fertilizer should be used several times to avoid rain after winter.

3. After freezing in winter, keep it dry until it is about to blossom. Don't water it all the time. It's not dry. It's both dry and frozen. The branches are red and soft, as if they are dying. In fact, this effect is what we want.

4. In the spring, we insist on not watering until the flower bud is as big as soybean and starts watering. Before that, if we water it, the long branch will not have many buds; if we insist on not watering, we will hardly grow branches, only flower buds, and there will be many buds.