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Price of Parthenocissus: market price and related knowledge of Parthenocissus

Parthenocissus is a very good green plant. Now there are many people's homes, courtyards and other places where they are planted. In summer, a piece of green can shade and cool down, and it is very dynamic. In autumn, it becomes a very beautiful piece of red. So what's the price of Parthenocissus? Xiaobian will take you to know about it.

Price of Parthenocissus: 4.98 yuan / 30 seeds; 8.8 yuan / 80 seeds; 12 yuan / 200 seeds; 20 yuan / 500 seeds;

(Parthenocissus) seedling price: 1 year seedling: 1.5 yuan / tree; 2 years seedling: 2.5 yuan / tree; 3 years seedling: 3.5 yuan / tree; 4 years seedling: 5.1 yuan / tree;

Warm tip: the above price is for reference only, and the specific price shall be subject to negotiation with the merchant.

How to plant the creeper seedlings can be propagated and planted by sowing, cutting and layering.

[sowing method] the collected seeds can be rubbed to remove the skin and flesh, washed and dried, and stored in wet sand for a winter at low temperature. Heat preservation and moisture preservation are conducive to germination. In the early spring of the next year, the seeds can be sown in the open in the first and middle of March, covered with film, and can be seeded in the first ten days of May, and can be seeded for 1-2 years.

[cutting method] in early spring, cut 20-30cm of stems and vines, insert them into the open seedbed, irrigate them, keep them moist, and then they can be pulled out and survived very quickly. In summer and autumn, they can also be cut with tender branches and leaves, protected by shading and watering, and they can also be pulled out and planted very quickly. The survival rate of cutting is high and widely used. The hardwood cutting was carried out from March to April. The hardwood was cut into 10-15 cm sections and inserted into the soil. The hardwood was watered thoroughly and kept wet. The new shoots of the same year were cut in summer.

[banding method] wave shaped banding method can be adopted, which is carried out in wet and cloudless weather in rainy season with high survival rate. In autumn, it can be transplanted separately and planted in the next year.

The main value of Parthenocissus: 1. Ornamental value

There are skin holes on the skin of Parthenocissus, with dense branches and leaves in summer, which are often climbing on the walls or rocks. It is suitable for planting house walls, walls, garden entrance, bridgehead stone, etc. It can be used to green house walls and park rocks, beautify the environment, cool down, regulate the air and reduce noise.

2、 Greening value

Parthenocissus has been widely used in greening, especially in three-dimensional greening. It can not only achieve the effect of greening and beautifying, but also play the role of increasing oxygen, cooling, reducing dust, reducing noise and so on.

3、 Medicinal value

[function and efficacy] the roots and stems of Parthenocissus can be used as medicine, which has the effects of breaking blood, activating tendons, hemostasis and detumescence. Fruit makes wine.

Parthenocissus in autumn