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Analysis and treatment of ten reasons for yellow leaves of Phyllostachys pubescens

It is also called the rich and noble bamboo. It belongs to the evergreen tree. The leaves are green all the year round, symbolizing good fortune. The more prosperous it grows, the better the fortune of the people who own it. On the contrary, the meaning of withered leaves is that luck is not so prosperous. Since this is the case, it is necessary to raise the high-end culture. Today, we will analyze and deal with the problem of yellow leaves.

The reason analysis and the corresponding treatment method: reason one: the newly purchased high-tech leaves will turn yellow naturally because they have not long roots and cannot keep up with nutrition.

Treatment: wait for a month or so patiently. As long as the main stem is still hard, cut off the yellow leaves and soak them in clear water, they will grow leaves soon.

Reason 2: the breeding season is not right

Treatment: the most suitable time for hydroponics is April to September, because it is the most easy time for roots to survive. The suitable growth temperature is 20-28 ℃, which can withstand 2-3 ℃ low temperature. If the temperature is too low, we should try to raise the temperature.

Reason 3: the water quality is not right: the water quality corruption or tap water cultivation will cause the leaves to turn yellow.

Treatment: cool boiled water or pure water culture is the best way to save money and height.

Reason 4: light is too dark: no enough sunlight can be obtained for the high node, no photosynthesis can be carried out, no chlorophyll can be formed, resulting in yellow leaves.

Treatment: move the height to the balcony and other places with better light, but try to avoid direct sunlight.

Reason 5: too strong light: long term under strong light, strong light caused yellow leaves.

Treatment: move the height to the balcony and other places with better light, but try to avoid direct sunlight. It can be transplanted indoors in summer, and the general light can grow healthily.

Reason 6: excessive fertilization: mainly manifested in dry brown at the top of high-tech leaves, thick and lusterless leaves, unsmooth concave convex, old leaves are scorched yellow.

Treatment: stop fertilizing immediately, clean the roots with clear water and change the water.

Reason 7: lack of fertilizer: lack of energy-saving and high nutrient is mainly manifested in the light color of young leaves, yellow or light green, rather than green; old leaves have little change.

Treatment: apply thin fertilizer frequently, and add potassium dihydrogen phosphate after water change every two weeks.

Reason 8: lack of iron.

Treatment: a small amount of ferrous sulfate, dissolved with water and added to the culture basin (must be a small amount). Or find some rusty nails and put them in the water for a few days before adding the water to the culture bottle.

Reason 9: the temperature is too low. In cold winter, if the indoor temperature is low, the leaves will turn yellow and fall.

Treatment method: move the high temperature room to the high temperature room.

Reason 10: interval TV, air conditioning, heating or other electrical appliances are too close, showing the yellow edge.

Solution: move the energy saving away, and keep away from TV, air conditioning, heating or other electrical appliances.

PS: all of the above ten situations may cause the root system to rot. if the root system is rotten, the rotten root system shall be cut before water change, fertilization or moving position.

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The above is the analysis and treatment of the ten reasons for the yellow leaves of thrifty bamboo. Thrifty bamboo has a high ornamental value, is easy to breed, can purify the indoor air, and has the symbolic meaning of "great auspiciousness". You can pay a little attention to the above ten items in the breeding process. Today's sharing is here.