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Price of silver queen: the market price of silver queen is generally between 20-50 yuan / pot

Queen silver has a unique air purification ability. When it is placed in the hall as a decorative potted plant, it will give people a fresh feeling. It is a very popular indoor foliage plant. So, is there a small partner who wants to start with the silver queen but suffers from not knowing the price? Must worry! Now Xiaobian will show you the price of the silver queen:

Price of silver queen silver queen seed price of silver queen: the seed price of silver queen is quite expensive, 5 yuan 10 seeds, 1 yuan 1 seed or 0.2 yuan 1 seed.

Price of silver queen seedlings: generally, the price of silver queen seedlings is 3 to 20 yuan per plant.

Price of silver queen potted plants: silver queen is a common household plant, which is cultivated in many families. Therefore, the market demand is relatively large. Generally, the price of silver queen (with basin) sold in the flower and bird market is generally between 20 yuan and 50 yuan.

Wholesale price of potted plants of silver queen: generally 10-15 yuan / pot, because of different potted plants, the price will change accordingly.

Silver queen price: 1. Silver queen likes to live in a constant temperature environment, so if you often use warm water to irrigate it, you can make it survive for a long time.

2. Don't accumulate water in the basin of silver queen (watering too often), which is easy to cause root rot. it's better to see the basin soil dry and then water it. If the basin is deeper, the watering frequency should be reduced. If you can properly water and spray water in summer to keep the humidity, there is a saying called "living without water". It can be seen that the importance of watering is that water shortage can be made up, but once the ponding is rotten, it's difficult to make up Saved.

3. Outdoor cultivation in summer should pay attention to shade, not to make the light too strong, otherwise it is easy to occur sunburn. Pay attention to daylighting when overwintering in winter shed to prevent light shortage and leaf color fading.

4. In the environment of high temperature, high drought or cold weather, it is easy to cause the root apex to atrophy and necrosis, so that it loses its proper absorption function, resulting in the withered and withered leaf tip. If this is the case, you can first pour out the plant from the flowerpot, cut off the dead leaves or the necrotic parts of the leaves, then pick off a part of 1 day soil, delete some old or necrotic roots, and then replace with fresh culture soil for planting, put it in a cool, humid and semi Yin environment, pay attention to more water spray and less water, the newly extracted young leaves of the plant can return to normal.

Silver queen silver queen - little knowledge silver queen flower language - admires.

The silver queen pursues unrestrained and leisurely natural life. Those who like the flower or receive the blessing of the flower like variety in life, so they choose the silver queen to match. Emotionally, it has the function of eliminating the old and establishing the new, which makes the opposite sex admire you sincerely. When the old relationship is gone, the new one will show.