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In April, your flowers should be raised like this!

In the Qingming Valley rain, the warm air force is stronger and stronger, the temperature is obviously higher, and the sunshine is abundant. Although there is still cold air influence, its force is weaker. After the Qingming Festival, the minimum temperature is not less than zero, but if there is a late frost, the minimum temperature after the grain rain is not less than 5 degrees, the late frost is over, and there is more rain.

1. Move the pot plants with strong indoor adaptability to the outside. Before moving out, the doors and windows should be opened as far as possible for ventilation, so that the flowers can adapt to the external environmental conditions, so as to facilitate the growth after moving out.

2. Flowers like Milan, jasmine, Epiphyllum, Chlorophytum, tortoiseshell bamboo, crane's hope orchid, cycads, and bamboo taro can be used to change pots and soil, trim dead branches and leaves, loosen soil and weed or apply fertilizer.

3. For some cold resistant flowers, in the process of basin change, soil change, pruning, soil loosening, etc., with the application of fertilizer, such as rose is growing branches and leaves and buds, can be applied every 10-15 days with nitrogen and phosphorus combined fertilizer, the same is appropriate bud thinning.

4. This month is an important time for flower reproduction. Canna, gladiolus, dahlia, taro and other flowers can be propagated by roots; water bamboo, palm bamboo, Phoenix Tail Bamboo, Chlorophytum, Hosta, Junzi orchid and other flowers can be propagated by plants. When Dahlia divides roots, each plant should have 1-2 thick buds. Flower leaf taro can take out tubers and plant them separately, one for a large pot, and two or three for a small pot. It can also cut and plant large tubers with a sharp knife when the tubers start to sprout and grow leaves. The cut needs to be coated with plant ash to prevent rot. The ramet propagation is generally carried out in combination with turning basin. In order to facilitate the growth in the future, some roots should be left in the progeny. There is wound flow after the Clivia is divided, which will affect the growth and development of the plant. Therefore, after the division, the cut should be coated with charcoal powder and grass ash to make the cut dry quickly, so as to prevent corrosion and rot. after the cut of the plant is fully dry, it can be planted.

5. Camellia, crab claw orchid, Ruixiang and other flowers blooming in winter and spring need to consume a lot of nutrients when they bloom, so it is necessary to apply nitrogen fertilizer as the main fertilizer to promote their growth when they recover from the warm spring. For the blooming flowers such as Junzi LAN, zhudinghong and Michelia, fertilization should be stopped to extend the viewing period.

6. In order to keep the branches and leaves flat, the stump bonsai, such as five needle pine, was made to hold the teeth. When picking buds, depending on the length of the buds, one third to two-thirds of the buds are removed. When picking the buds of five needle pine, pay attention to the left part must have side buds, because the new leaves sprout from the left leaves. Generally, buds should be picked 2-3 times with the growth of new shoots.

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