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Cultivation method of Cyclamen: water, light, temperature and fertilization should be well controlle

Cyclamen is a perennial herb. It is a famous potted flower in winter and spring greenhouse. Its petals are usually five petals, with beautiful flowers and a long flowering period of several months. It is deeply loved by people. Next, we will introduce the cultivation methods and precautions of xiacyclamen. The breeding method of Cyclamen

Purple Cyclamen

Cyclamen generally uses seeds for planting. The following are the planting methods:

1. Seed treatment: soak seeds in 45 ℃ hot water for 5 minutes before sowing, and then soak them in 1500 times potassium permanganate solution for 24 hours, so as to disinfect and promote flower bud.

2. Sowing: during sowing, the seeds shall be first sown in the basin, then covered with loam with a thickness of 0.5cm, and then lightly compacted, and the sowing basin shall be placed in a large basin filled with water, so that the water can fully permeate and then taken out. This is conducive to the free settlement of soil after fully absorbing water, so that the sowing depth is uniform, and the seedlings are even when they are emerging, which is convenient for transplanting. When the water content is low, the same method can be used to supplement. The optimum temperature for seed germination is 16-18 ℃, and it usually takes 45-50 days for the seed to emerge.

3. Transplanting: when the leaves of seedlings are fully expanded, the first transplanting can be carried out. When transplanting seedlings, the common flowerpot can still be used. The pot soil is the same as the sowing soil. The distance between seedlings is about 3cm. After transplanting, spray water with a watering can immediately. Later, keep the seedling basin moist.

4. Potting: when the seedlings grow into 3 leaves and the bulbous stem grows to 5-6mm in diameter, they should be planted separately in time. It can be transplanted directly in a small basin with a diameter of 9cm. After sieving, the pot soil is mixed and prepared as follows: 2% rotten leaf soil, 2% garden soil, 5% fine yellow sand and 1% rotten manure. When transplanting, take small soil balls as much as possible and make them level with the soil surface. After transplanting, sprinkle water and put them in the indoor sunlight. The seedlings should be watered and fertilized in time. Generally, it will bloom in the winter of the second year.

Precautions for cultivating red Cyclamen:

1. Watering: Cyclamen likes to wet plants and is afraid of waterlogging. Too much watering is not suitable. Too much watering will cause rotten roots and death. Keep the soil moist every day.

2. Light: Cyclamen likes sunshine. It should be placed in a sunny place for maintenance. Sufficient light is very beneficial to their growth, but they are afraid of direct sunlight in summer.

3. Fertilization: Cyclamen is a kind of fertilizer loving plant. It is recommended to apply 2 ‰ potassium dihydrogen phosphate once a year in spring and autumn respectively. It is not suitable to apply nitrogen fertilizer in flowering period, otherwise, it will cause excessive growth of branches and leaves and shorten the life of flowers.

4. Temperature: Cyclamen is not resistant to high temperature. If the temperature is too high, it will go to sleep. Plants above 30 ℃ will stop growing and enter into dormancy, and plants above 35 ℃ are easy to rot and die. In winter, the temperature of florescence should not be lower than 10 ℃. If the temperature is too low, the color of flower will be dim and easy to wither. The suitable temperature for growth is 15-20 ℃.

5. Timely basin change: generally, the dormant bulb starts to sprout in the middle of September, and the basin shall be changed immediately, and the basin soil shall not be covered with bulbs. When the Cyclamen comes to the bulbs for new roots, it should not be watered too much to prevent the balls from rotting. It is better to dry the soil a little.

6. Pay attention to ventilation and shade: pay attention to indoor ventilation and shade at any time during the growth period. When the leaves are luxuriant, open the basin distance to avoid crowding and causing the leaves to turn yellow and rot.

7. Strengthen the management of fertilizer and water: apply fertilizer once every ten days in the growth and development period of Cyclamen, and gradually see more sunlight, so as not to make the petiole grow too long and affect the beauty. When the pedicel was pulled out to bud, bone meal or superphosphate was added once.