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Is duck foot wood poisonous: the juice is slightly poisonous

Duck foot is a large potted plant. Its leaves can absorb nicotine and other harmful substances from the air, which can bring fresh air to smoking families. But can duck foot have some harmful toxins to our bodies? Let Xiaobian analyze it.

Toxicity analysis of ducklings planted at home 1. Ducklings have small toxicity: its juice has slight toxicity, bark can be used as medicine, planting and viewing will not cause damage to human body, so it can be safely cultivated.

2. Poisoning symptoms: no poisoning cases.

3. Poisoning treatment: if touch, wash off with water.

4. Warm tip: if you have children at home, don't let them play at will, let alone eat into your mouth, so as to avoid unnecessary harm.

Knowledge expansion of flowering duck foot wood duck foot wood 1. Purification function: it can bring fresh air to smoking families. The leaves can absorb nicotine and other harmful substances from the smoky air and convert them into harmless plants' own substances through photosynthesis. In addition, it can reduce the formaldehyde concentration by about 9 mg per hour.

2. Fengshui function: duck foot wood is also a kind of more beautiful plant, which plays a good role in beautifying and greening the home environment. Five elements are the lucky colors of fire people. Five elements of fire people should be purple and pink based, avoid black, the number of the best is two or seven pots, duck foot wood is a good choice. There is a saying that: the leaves are wide, the potted plants with large leaf area have a good effect of avoiding evil spirits, and the duck foot wood is good in the place with evil spirits.

3. Ornamental value: duck foot wood is a large-scale potted plant, which is suitable for display in the reading room and Museum exhibition hall of the hotel hall and library, presenting a natural and harmonious green environment. Spring, summer and autumn can also be placed in the shade of the courtyard and on the balcony of the building. It can be isolated in the courtyard, which is the nectar plant in the south in winter. Potted plants decorate guest rooms, study rooms and bedrooms, with a strong sense of the times.

4. Flower language: the flower language of yazhangmu is natural and harmonious. Because it has strong growth ability and adaptability. With the smell of tropical jungle, it presents a luxurious and rich scene, which gives people a feeling of thriving and new earth, and makes people's life optimistic and upward.