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A poem about cherry blossom: full of trees, like clouds and clouds

Cherry blossom is an important ornamental tree species in early spring. It is widely used in gardens. When it is in full bloom, it is full of gorgeous flowers, full of brilliant trees, like clouds and rosy clouds. It is very spectacular. Here are some verses about willow. They are rich and charming. You can have a look.

The poem of cherry blossoms, a brief account of the Yuan Dynasty in sickness, Zhang Ji, a new species of red cherry tree in Zhang Ji's garden. Why follow the saddle horse team to wash mud and waste rain on the head of the river. "Pay for Han Shilang, Dr. Zhang Yu to visit Qujiang and send them to you after rain" [Tang] where is Bai Juyi's mourning Zheng in urgent management? The cherry blossom Lane hangs on Yangan. The old lady of the host's family will not be sold if she is married. It's March half that day. On the fourteenth year of Princess Liyang, after the clear and warm day, we can see it on the same wall. When the exhibition turned to five o'clock, the swallows between the beams sighed. "Four untitled poems" [Tang Dynasty] Li Shangyin had snow like flowers yesterday and flowers like snow today. A cherry tree is like a beauty, and a red face is easy to rest. Thanks for new kindness Li Yu's cherry blossoms fall to the end of the previous month, like a bed of sorrow leaning on a lavender cage. Like last year and today, hate is the same. The two servant girls are not neat and the clouds are haggard. Their tears are stained with red. Where Acacia bitter, screen drunk dream. "Seven Jue · skill poem" Su Manshu's eight Xiao at the head of Chunyu tower. When will Zhejiang tide be returned? No one knows the broken bowl of the mountain shoes and steps across the cherry blossom treacherous bridge. Spreading the Huanxi sand: the cherry blossom is buried in the cold weather, and it never sleeps. The wind is warm, the sun is falling, and the West Mountain breath is dying. It's like brocade, bright red and charming eyes. It's fragrant and makes people mad. Where is the dream flower cluster? The nuclear bomb blows down Mount Fuji! The cherry blossom falls. Su Manshu opens the cherry blossom in ten days. Do you cherish thousands of times around the flower? Yesterday, the wind and rain turned to each other. Who told the heaven about this sorrow? Bear to see Hu Sha buries the gorgeous bone, Hugh will shed tears deep cup. The amorous man remembers to him, an inch of spring heart is already gray. Cherry blossom: Deng (PU) Erya was snowy yesterday. Flowers are like snow today. A cherry tree is like a beauty, and a red face is easy to rest.

"Tokyo miscellany poem" in the painting at the base of Yuhua tree, Jin Chai Gu is drunk for more than spring. Whip silk car shadow hurries, ten li Cherry Blossom ten li dust. Thousands of wells are filled with green poplar smoke. Cherry shoots open in April. Ten li corner Tian Chuan on the road, spring breeze drizzle to see the flower boat.

Cherry Blossom praises the poem of Cherry Blossom [modern times] Zhou Enlai is on the red road of cherry blossom, beside the willow green pool; in the sound of swallow, lovesickness is another year. [Tang] Bai Juyi "new cherry trees in the small garden, easy to travel around the flowers and branches.". [Tang] where is Li Shangyin's pitying Zheng? The cherry blossom is hanging on the bank forever. How long is cherry blossom blooming? Willow green and peach red are unknown. Advise Jun not to ask Fangfei Festival, the wind and rain of the hometown is miserable. [modern times] Su Manshu's new voice is a pearl. Turning his throat, he suspected that he was attacking coral. Listen to sit part of the voice, sing after Cherry Blossom leaves. In the Han Dynasty, Pu was contemptuous of hearing about the empty and understanding the Pei, and Lin Qiong was not able to use it in vain. Who has to lodge in the brothel is xianlang or not husband. [Tang] Xue Neng wants to smile at the east wall, which is more attractive than Haitang. The color doesn't refuse to pollute the powder, but the spirit of wind takes the fragrance of Qi Luo. The garden opens every day, while the silk pipe takes advantage of the sunshine. Strange bottom is drunk recently. It's hard to be crazy. [looking to the island and seeing the cherry] the spring breeze of Huang Jigang is wide and the flowers are blooming again. Dan yingyanghui, please come here. The fairy cloud is empty and the road is clear. Be polite to avoid clouds in the morning, and linger with spring. The lights are numerous and the clouds are lingering. Does it mean that aoqinghuan, turn over to make Jisi sad. Therefore, there is no need to live in Penglai because there are so many beautiful buildings. [Cherry Blossom] it snowed like a flower yesterday. Flowers are like snow today. A cherry tree is like a beauty, and a red face is easy to rest. [Tokyo miscellany poem] the man in the painting at the base of Yuhua tree, Jin Chai Gu, is drunk for more than spring. Whip silk car shadow hurries, ten li Cherry Blossom ten li dust. [Cherry Blossom] Lu Zhenbai has beautiful people in the East, elegant and extraordinary. Surrounded by layers of Abas, there are many beautiful clusters. Can and peach and plum Yan, strive for the east wind. It's like a green calyx, and a fragrant Rhododendron. The mist and the gauze, the light train, the light of the gods. The flowers are more numerous this year, according to Hemingway. There is Zhitian in the world, but it is better than pengshanqu. A thousand miles, the water is green. [Cherry Blossom] six poems of fan Shuhan come to see the flowers on Yangming Mountain. The red clouds are shining with the morning glow. Laugh at his life thin pitying him thin, wave chase east wind reason flower. Who blows the blue gas on the high branch, affixes the green congeals the fat to fight the gorgeous posture. 90 spring light can not stay, so cut wind and rain and fragrance. All over the mountain and water Kuma, rouge and tears. Even if he wins the reward from others, he can't help rushing all night. See also Fanying full of branches, thick peach Yan Li Doufang posture. Life friends know who is, together with Fusang clogs. Mei Gu Shanshan leads Zuiyan to drag the cloud across QianChuan. The floating wormwood is languid, half of spring mud and half of smoke. Light smoke ran Jiang early even, Douyan Zhengyan spring. It is the emperor who has made up a lot of things. He is busy looking at flower people for no reason.

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