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3 moves to stay away from the Yellow troubles in winter

Before raising rich and noble bamboos, you thought your own rich and noble bamboos would be so beautiful

You can see it's like this after you raise it

In winter, the rich and noble bamboo with yellow leaves chooses "dog belt"

There are 3 ways to set the best growth environment for the dead bamboo. 1. Light: give some sunshine to the bamboo, it is a shade resistant plant. Pay attention to it, it is shade resistant, not shade loving. This requires it to grow under bright scattered light, and avoid direct sunlight. In the dark room or by direct sunlight will cause rich bamboo leaves yellow. 2. Temperature: the suitable temperature for the growth of "warm man" rather than "ice / volcanic man" is 20-28 ℃. The room temperature should be above 10 ℃ in winter, otherwise, the room temperature should be increased. In winter, don't put it on the balcony, windows and other cold places, and don't put it near the TV set, air conditioner and electric heating fan in order to heat up, or it will easily cause yellow leaves or even die. 3. Nutrients: the winter "supplement" is postponed, and good water is enough

In winter, the growth of Phyllostachys pubescens is relatively slow, and it generally does not need to absorb extra nutrients. Fertilization will also lead to yellow leaves. Water culture of the rich Guizhu should choose room temperature cold boiled water or pure water culture of the rich Guizhu, best to reject hard water (that is, tap water). In general, after a period of time of cultivation, many small roots will grow. It is not suitable to change water after entering winter. Only water can be added in time after water evaporation.

Pay attention

When yellow leaves and rotten roots appear, they should be cut off in time, and then they should be well fed again~